How can you transfer money to Pakistan from the UK?

transfer money to Pakistan from UK,

There are about 1.8 million Pakistanis living in the UK and many of them have to send money to Pakistan. ACE Money Transfer is a company that can be used to transfer money to Pakistan. There are many other companies as well that are offering these services. Finding the best company for money transferring is a real challenging task and to perform this task some of the top picks are as below:

Azimo service:

One of the best company to transfer money to Pakistan from the UK. This company is doing the best works and providing state of the art services to people. This company is bringing technological improvements and changing the behaviour of sending money. They do transfer very efficiently and securely. Most of the people do rely on them and thousands of people send money with Azimo service. Along with this service, payments are secured and in safe hands.

Process of sending

A user can send money with the help of Azimo easily. Along with Azimo, a user can send money in many different ways. This service allows you to send the money directly to the bank account of the person. Moreover, a person can also send money to his debit/ credit card too. They are offering the services at sending the money on the same day. The charges which they are charging are GBP 1.43 for sending the money. The charges may vary based on the amount.

HSBC Service

HSBC also allows the user to transfer the money with the help of them. They are giving the state of the art services that are liked by their customers. Their working time is less and their performance is well defined. The charges which they charge are about GBP 19.85. Their delivery time for sending money is about 4-5 days for bank transfer. But this service is secure compared to many other services.

Process of sending money:

In order to send money with this bank, a user has to visit the nearby branch of HSBC bank. From there they need to tell the representative of the bank that this is the amount which they want to send. After that, they will ask for the details of the recipient. When you will make sure the details then the money transaction will have proceeded. That is how the process works and people got benefit through it.

Western union

When it is about money transfer so the western union is at the top of the list. They are well experienced and past masters. Moreover, they are dealing in many countries and also for sending money to Pakistan they are offering their services. Because they have more than 5 lac locations and in Pakistan also they have a presence in many cities. This is what which makes the company a good growth and well-worked company. They have almost 5300 locations in the UK.


How to send money with western union?

With the western union, a user has multiple options for sending money. One of the most countable factors is that they offer the money transfer by visiting their nearest locations to the customer’s territory. If that is not fine for the customer so a customer can also download the application for sending the money. Along with that, it is also possible that a customer sends money through the website of the company. So all the options are available and it totally depends on the customer which he//she has to choose.

While sending the money a customer can pay to them with his debit/ credit card. A customer can with cash as well. Even online bank transfer opportunity also available when it comes about the money transfer.

MoneyGram service

A user can also use the service of the MoneyGram to transfer money to Pakistan from the UK.  Because MoneyGram has more than 3 lac location all around the globe. They are dealing in so many currencies so also for Pakistan they are offering their services. They will charge about GBP 4 only. There can be some changes depending on the rates of that day as well. So be aware of each and every factor.

Process of sending money

With MoneyGram, it is really simple to send the money. A user has to move to their office which is situated near to him and tell them that he wants to send money to someone in Pakistan. They will tell him the charges on that amount and delivery time. After asking the recipient’s data and making the confirmation the process will begin. A user can also track the money transfer. The best rates are offered by the company for people to send money to the land of Pakistan.

Ace money transfer

One of the best company for those who want to transfer money to Pakistan is the ACE Money Transfer. This company is offering the best rates and secure service. They have their existence in 70 countries of the world and they are dealing with associated banks as well. So the person can send many with ACE Money Transfer easily. They are fast and secure as well. They an emerging company covering all aspects of the money transfer. Their 24/7 support service makes them the best choice of people.

How to send money with Ace?

With ACE Money Transfer if someone has to send the money so it is important that someone must follow the given procedure:

  1. Go to the money exchange centre for exchanging the money.
  2. Get the exchanged money and then locate the nearest centre through website.
  3. While reaching talk to the representative and tell them the recipient’s detail.
  4. After making sure the transaction will proceed.
  5. That is how the money transaction will be done with ACE Money Transfer.

A person can check out the procedure about the method of sending the money with any of the above-illustrated methods. So the reliable method can be selected by the person which is suitable for him/her. Because now there are wider chances of sending the money to Pakistan and to transfer money to Pakistan from UK is feasible with the internet as well.