How Cutting Costs And Smooth Transfers Are Possible For Pakistan?

Pakistan is one of the highest remittance receivers around the globe. A large number of the total transfers to Asia are covered by Pakistanis solely. The UK is a major hub for all working ex-pats of this state. However, in the past, migrants faced many issues when they send money to Pakistan, such as higher fees, delayed transfers, etc. Here is how ACE Money Transfer have lowered all these barriers by designed the best channel for money transfer.

Where Can You Get The Cheapest Rates?

When migrants send money to Asian states, the one challenge that they incur the most is a high transfer fee and bad exchange rates. No bank in the US has a hidden fee that is lower than 1%. Similarly, when people don’t know about the rates, they pay an unnecessary fee that was not important for their transfers!

It is a routine task for a remittent to send money to Pakistan online or by using the traditional method. Thereby, even a smaller extra fee at every transfer can contribute to a loss of hundreds of dollars annually. Your money is precious, so they make sure that you spend it only on the things that are valuable enough.

At ACE Money Transfer, the fee starts from as low as 0$. If you spend some time around and shop for different providers, you will be able to get an insight into the organisation’s actual performance. By signing up to the app, they send you daily alerts regarding any changes in the rates or trends of the stock market.

Using these tips, you can effectively pre-schedule your transfers at the time which gets you the best rate. Usually, sending money between the 1st to 10th of every month is considered very beneficial, as the rates are low. By choosing them, you can save more than 700$ annually and even more, depending on the amount you want to transfer.

How To Say Goodbye To Delayed Transfers?

Of course, delayed money transfers are headaches and irritations when your loved ones need the money on an urgent basis. The states with sharp end receiving points usually have all infrastructure and equipment deployed for rapid movement. But, in lesser developed states such as Pakistan, the transfer takes a lot of time. Most of them require 14-28 days, and in some cases, they are also reversed totally.

ACE Money Transfer has an active network that covers all areas of Pakistan. If you need an instant cash pickup as a way for money transfer to Pakistan, they can send payments within some seconds only. As for regular transfers, they can exchange payments within 3-4 business days only!

You can also track your shipments after sending payments using the exclusive tracking id that is given to you after a successful transaction. You can share it with the recipient as well so that they can get an accurate idea about ETA. For the online money transfer to Pakistan, they can be relied on.