How Different Remittance Companies Work For Money Transfer to Nigeria?

Nigeria ranked on the 5th place in the list of top remittance recipient. Do you think that send money to Nigeria or abroad eats your time up? If yes. ACE Money Transfer is there to provide you with the best of all the services to send money. Many other services facilitate you. For the last few years, this company keeps on improving the standards of money transfer.

Nigeria is one of the largest remittance recipients with $2.2 billion. After India, China, the Philippines, and Mexico respectively. Looking at the remittance of Sub-Saharan Africa as a share of GDP, Nigeria ranked in the top 10th position.

Personal remittances received in Current US dollars are 24,311,030.00 estimated by the World Bank staff for Nigeria in 2018.

What is the Secure and Fast Service?

This is a fast and safe money transfer to send money to Nigeria online. A number of businesses provide you with the offer that your first transaction is fee-free. Usually, available delivery methods for Nigeria are direct to banks and SWIFT.

They provide you under 30 minute delivery to any bank in Nigeria. Priority payments in major currencies are on same-day or next-day. The delivery time is 24 hours for SWIFT.

How is It Done Quickly?

This is a quick, secure and cost-effective way to send money to your loved ones in Nigeria. They are providing a new service for sending money to Nigeria is Cash pickup. They are proud to partner with a football club named Arsenal the more delivery options that they offer are Bank Transfer and Airtime top-up.

For the Cash pickup, you can pick up your cash from the branches of Zenith, Polaris Bank, Access, FCMB, and Fidelity. Your transaction will be completed within minutes.

For the Bank Transfer, you can send money to all major banks in Nigeria. These banks are more than 5 in number. Your transaction will complete within minutes.

For the Airtime top-up, the transaction will complete in minutes. You can send money to Glo, Airtel, Mobile 9, Visafone and MTN.

What Are the Different Services to Send Money Online?

RIA money transfer is providing you with good rates and low fees. This is a reliable transfer service too. Over one billion transfers securely sent. You can conveniently pay with cash for your transfers at 7-Eleven.

You can do more saving while sending money to Nigeria. They offer you three delivery packages named Value+, Fastrack, and Fastrack. One Fastrack offers you to pay by the bank and the other is to pay by debit card. Your delivery completes instantly to 24 hours. For the Value+, you can pay by bank. Your transfer completes within 3 to 5 business days.

How Do Other Remittances Companies Work?

Delivery options are there, as many companies provide remittance services for Nigeria. The common receiving methods are Cash pick up and Bank deposit.

Deposit in 1-2 days to most banks. You can send money online to all banks in Nigeria. The money will be available at your selected payout location.

Online transfer is one of the most popular services for the people of Nigeria. You can transfer money to Nigeria in minutes. For money transfer to Nigeria, some different ways are app, or website.

You can pay for your transaction through credit card, bank, and debit card. Your receiver can pick up cash at approximately more than 5,000 locations in Nigeria. You can estimate the cost of your transaction to Nigeria.

ACE Money Transfer is providing you with the service to send money with the lowest cost at any time. It provides you with the optimal exchange rates. You can send your money instantly. Transactions with ACE Money Transfer are quick and simple. ACE is a great choice by migrants to send money to their home country Nigeria. This is convenient and easy to use on any platform.

How to Send Money with ACE Money Transfer?

  1. Choose Country & Amount to send
  2. Choose Your Recipient to receive
  3. Send Money around the Globe or Nigeria!

Sending Money with ACE Money Transfer to Nigeria

The delivery option that they provide is a bank deposit.

You can send money to Nigeria in just 4 business hours. For online money transfer to Nigeria, they provide the best exchange rates and low fees for the transfer. This is a secure and cheap way to send money to Nigeria.

What are Instant Pickups for Nigeria?

Transfer money to Nigeria and get instant cash pickup. You can pick your cash at the branches of the following banks. These banks are 18 in number.

  1. Zenith Bank in Nigeria
  2. ECOBANK PLC Nigeria
  3. First City Monument Bank PLC in Nigeria
  4. Heritage Bank in Nigeria
  5. Imperial Homes in Nigeria
  6. Keystone bank limited in Nigeria
  7. Skye Bank Plc in Nigeria
  9. Standard Chartered Bank in Nigeria
  10. United Bank of Africa
  11. Guaranty Trust Bank in Nigeria
  12. Access Bank in Nigeria
  13. Diamond Bank in Nigeria
  14. First Bank of Nigeria
  15. Sterling Bank Plc in Nigeria
  16. Union Bank of Nigeria Plc
  17. UNITY BANK PLC in Nigeria
  18. WEMA BANK PLC in Nigeria.

Note that Business & Foreign Currency Accounts are not being entertained for the bank deposit in Nigeria. Track your transactions on the ACE Money Transfer website.

You can download their app on the Google Play Store and the App Store. You can do the transaction in a few clicks.


This is a safe and secure money transfer service. You can entrust your transactions, info, and privacy to ACE Money Transfer. And have carefree and leisure time. That’s why people love the ACE Money Transfer. They have positive ratings for their services. Their rating on Trustpilot is up to the mark. Their ratings on the Google Play Store and App Store is also making more confidence in people. This is what people want from online money transfer services. These characteristics make ACE Money Transfer a growing company.