How Digital Mobile Wallet Can Save Your Time And Money On International Money Transfers?

In today’s digital era everyone knows that you can receive and send money to Nigeria through your mobile application. When it comes to international money transfers, it’s easy to see how digital wallet services like ACE Money Transfer can make a difference. They’re also quicker, cheaper, and — most importantly — more convenient and applicable than conventional approaches. Money can be sent instantly from one digital wallet to another, and the beneficiary can cash out the remittance whenever it is suitable for them. Furthermore, the sender’s only requirement is the recipient’s email address, further enhancing the remittance’s convenience.

How Does Ace Money Transfer Make International Money Transfer So Quick And Convenient?

ACE Money Transfer often takes advantage of the advantages of digital wallet transfers for money transfer to Nigeria and the rest of the countries worldwide, not only sending the money to another digital wallet account and as per customer desire also can send it to a bank account or another convenient local payment method, such as a mobile money account. This is made more convenient for daily remittances to the same recipient by not having to reenter the recipient’s payment information after the first transfer.

Furthermore, digital wallets also offer more favorable exchange rates and lower fees, resulting in lower remittance costs. According to the World Bank, lowering remittance fees to 5% could place an additional $4 billion in the hands of African families and communities. When compared to ACE Money Transfer, which charges senders zero-free on the first transaction and charges recipients no fees while also providing excellent exchange rates, the possible savings are even greater for online money transfer to Nigeria.

Why Are Traditional Payment Waste Time Of Customers And Why Using Mobile Wallet Payment Is Best Option?

Looking at the calendar date or writing it down was the traditional method of receiving updates and warnings. You will now get notifications for payments that are due via apps and emails. This allows you to pay your bills on time and avoid fines by paying them past the due date. You can also set up automatic payments for your bills so that you don’t have to remember when they’re due. At the touch of a button, one can send money to Nigeria online to pay bills such as electricity, phone, gas, credit card, and so on. You also don’t have to re-enter all of your details. The information is automatically saved on your devices via apps. This helps you save time and money by reducing the amount of paper you use.