How Do Gambian Expats Send Money from Foreign Countries?

Different ways to send money online are available for overseas money transfer. The United Kingdom has a large number of immigrants from several countries that need to send money to their homeland. Like any expat one would need to send money to Gambia from foreign countries but how?

Let’s find the answer!

What are the Methods of Money Transfer from United Kingdom?

As immigrants from almost all over the world are working in the UK, these expats have to send money back home to their loved ones. How can they do so? One may need to transfer money to Gambia, Nigeria, Senegal, Bangladesh or any other country. So how can one send money to Gambia from the UK? Well! There are several methods of money transfer available that help people to send money globally. These include the money transfer services of the banks, money transfer companies, foreign exchange brokers, etc. All these methods of online money transfer have different benefits and convenience. Your way of choice would depend on the factors like the amount you want to send, the fee of online money transfer, the exchange rate, time to send money, etc.

The money transfer services of each method vary. The services suitable to anyone depends upon the country to which you want to send money to. Like someone who wants to send money to Gambia would choose the method that is suitable for making a money transfer to Gambia. The services that may vary include the presence of cash pickup points, bank accounts, mobile services, etc.

What are the Commonly Used Money Receiving Methods for Gambia?

Let us now have a guideline about different methods and their services to send money globally from the UK. These are the standard methods for Gambia, as well as other countries around the globe.

1.      Cash Pickup

Cash pickup is one of the reliable and common methods used for online money transfer to Gambia. This is a service that is a preference for many Gambian receivers. On the receiving side, there is no need to have a bank account. All they need is the code provided to them by the sender who is living in a foreign country. Cash can be collected from any payout partner, such as a bank or money receiving company. What else a customer need, if the amount is transferred within minutes. ACE Money Transfer is a company that focuses on cash pickup for its valued customers.

2.      Bank Transfers:

If you choose a reliable company that also provides the facility of bank transfer, then this might be a good choice for you. Make sure the exchange rate they offer are competitive, and the fee is not too high. The less transfer fee you get, the more you can send money to your loved ones in Gambia. Here bank transfer doesn’t mean that you have to visit a bank for your transaction. This means, using the service of a money transfer company and connecting your bank account with the online account. After using this procedure, a receiver can collect cash at any time of the day or night through ATM.

3.      Mobile Wallets:

This is a digital version of the original wallet and a new trend to send money online. This is a system with a money transfer app that is present in the sender’s and receiver’s mobiles. The people are connected with this money transfer app through their mobile numbers. You can save your money in the wallet send it to anyone or receive the amount. Money transfer companies provide the service to send money on the mobile wallet to some countries. This system of money transfer is instant and also very easy and convenient.

What are the Common Sending Methods for Gambia?

Some of the Commonly used money sending methods are given below for your convenience.

1.      Foreign Exchange Brokers:

This is also called currency brokers and is also an option available to send money from the UK. The exchange rates offer of this system is better than the banks. What one has to take care of is to choose the company wisely after researching and comparing different reputed companies.

2.      International Money Transfer Organizations:

This is a system through which the receiver will instantly get the money in cash. One can make a money transfer to Gambia, Senegal or any country through different money transfer companies like ACE Money Transfer. Overseas people can easily send money to their homeland through this method. The fee is low, and the exchange rates are good. Also, the money is instantly available for the recipient to collect. The cash pickup points are available in different areas in a country to receive the cash. For example, in a money transfer to Gambia online, the money can be received through any nearby pickup point in Gambia. This system of money transfer is easy, simple, safe and fast.

3.      Mobile Payment App:

The immigrants in the UK can send money to their families and friends through the online money transfer app system of any money transfer company. One needs to sign up on the online money transfer app and make money transfers (like money transfer to Gambia online). ACE Money Transfer app is also available. If you already have an account on the ACE website, you only need to login through the ACE Money transfer app and enjoy all services.

Many people move abroad for better opportunities for jobs and earning. Similarly, the United Kingdom has many expats from different countries, including Gambia, Senegal, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. The overseas people have to send money back to their homeland to their families. For example, Gambians have to send money to Gambia online. But how can they make a money transfer to Gambia online from the UK? Similar is the case with other expats. But fortunately, different methods are available to send money from the UK. And all overseas people can choose their preferred way to send money to their loved ones.