How Do You See The Bilateral Relationship Between Bangladesh And Germany?

Bangladeshi diasporas in Germany send money to Bangladesh through formal channels to support their family. Germany was among the first countries to recognize Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan in 1972, establishing diplomatic relations, and is regarded as a long-term and dependable development partner, as well as a trade partner and a key member of the European Union.

Bangladesh’s largest export market is Germany, and bilateral trade between the two countries is steadily increasing. Textiles account for over 90% of Bangladesh’s imports. Deep-frozen foodstuffs and leather products are among the other products exported to Germany. Machines, as well as chemical and electrochemical products, account for the majority of German exports. Money transfer to Bangladesh from Germany by foreign workers of the country is major support for the country’s economy.

Why Is The Number Of Bangladeshi Migrants In Developed Countries Need To Be highly Experienced?

Bangladesh’s economy is heavily reliant on the export of human resources, and the associated foreign exchange revenues get from online money transfer to Bangladesh from these workers. Changes in the global labor market have resulted in a rise in the demand for skilled and educated workers around the world. The experienced and professional market is not restricted to the Gulf and Southeast Asian countries and includes developed nations.

Semi-skilled and unskilled laborers from the Gulf and Southeast Asia make up the majority of Bangladesh’s international labor. In this historic market, Bangladesh is now up against new entrants such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Nepal.

To do so, both the government and the business sector require access to high-quality market research. They also want to know about Bangladesh’s competitive advantage in gaining access to the market for professionals and skilled workers. Bangladesh has already started sending nurses to other countries. In light of the predicted high demand, the Fifth Five Year Plan has emphasized the importance of increasing workforce resources in the health sector, with a particular focus on nurses.

What Is the Demand Of Skilled Workers In Developed Countries?

Even in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, Petra Bendel, chairwoman of the Expert Council of German Foundations for Integration and Migration (SVR), believes that Germany will continue to rely on migration for the foreseeable future.

Migration, according to Bendel, is the key to resolving the problem of “population reduction.” Despite a slight increase in recent years, Germany has consistently had one of the lowest birth rates in the world since WWII ended. Bangladesh is a country that relies on migrants to send money to Bangladesh online, so the government needs skilled workers to send abroad to get high foreign revenue.