Evolution of E Commerce – HOW E-COMMERCE EVOLVED?

Evolution of E Commerce

E-commerce is just like online market places where you can buy anything, anywhere. It provides you with the services that you once had to go to market for. Such evolution has a great history behind it.

Over the past decade, the internet has made many things possible which includes cross-border interactions, desired medium for marketing, advertising, and purchasing of products, goods, and services. In the field economy, E-commerce is like a leading rivalry against the traditional ways of purchasing goods and services.

Evolution of E-Commerce

The interesting history of E-commerce starts from tech giants like Amazon, who joined the space in 1995. The trend was followed by Google and Paypal who introduced their e-Commerce initiatives in 1998. Tremendous changes were seen in the electronic world of business. From online shopping to electronic transactions, things have magnificently changed.

Amazon has led the way of evolution of E-commerce by launching their mobile commerce site in 2001 that enabled people to use their phones for purchasing. The site also changed and improved the way of online shopping. This also paved the path for the digital marketing area. Marketing has undergone crucial changes that have introduced new ways of marketing and running businesses. Mostly, all the retailers opt to establish their own online shopping site where they can efficiently earn profits without investing much on physical marketing and labor.

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