How Easy Is To Send Money Online With Available Methods?

Gambia is an African country that Senegal bounds. According to the census of 2018, it has a population of almost 2.28 million people. A huge number is living abroad, who send money to Gambia for their loved ones. According to research, 90,000 people are currently living abroad to earn money for their families and raise their living standards. 

These overseas Gambians are very beneficial for the economy of their country. Twenty percent of the country’s GDP depends upon the remittance received when these overseas Gambians send money to Gambia online or through other methods. It is an excellent contribution to the country’s economy and so its development.

What Kind Of Money Transfer Methods Are Available?

Many methods are used for money transfer to Gambia. These include both conventional and non-conventional ways of money transfer. In this article, we will discuss different methods and the problems that people face while using those methods, and, in the end, we will discuss the solution to all those problems.

What Are The Downsides Of Money Transfer Through Traditional Methods?

The traditional method of money transfer mainly includes cheques and money orders. These methods were one of the most common ways that were used to send money online. People living abroad used this method for money transfer, but they have to face many problems while using it. Now let us discuss the issues that people faced:

  • One of the main problems was the wastage of time. This method was time-consuming due to its lengthy procedure like filling the money transfer forms and then filling the form standing in the long lines or lines in money transfer agencies to submit the form and the money they wanted to transfer.
  • If anyone needs money transfer to Gambia or any other country of the world, he/she would have to go to the office of service providers for this purpose. But, if someone cannot reach there on time due to any reason, he/she was not given any facility for compensation.
  • The recipient who is waiting to receive the money that has been transferred has to wait for a long time because of the slow transfer process.
  • The recipient has to wait to receive the money and travel a lot to go to the destined location to accept cash because he/she was not given liberty to choose the cash pick up location that could be anywhere near him/her. This facility is also not available for them while using conventional transfer methods
  • You have to pay a heavy money transfer fee if you are using this method to send money. Almost 10% amount of the total money being transferred was deducted as a transfer fee.

These are all the problems people had to face when they used to send Gambia money in earlier times. After discussing all of the issues that needed a solution, now let’s discuss the solution.

Is Online Money Transfer Service Reliable?

Suppose you are looking to answer whether an online money transfer service is a reliable solution to all of your problems. For the easy money transfer to Gambia, then the answer is Yes.

As technology progresses, some significant changes come into the life of people. Similarly, in the field of money transfer, before the advancement of technology, people had to move physically and go to a local money transfer office, spend their precious time there. But now, in this century, technology has changed the world in every field.

Is Online Money Transfer Service A Solution To Your Problems?

Online money transfer service was introduced for people living abroad and wanted to send money to their families without facing any problem. This service has won millions of people’s hearts now because of its magically versatile services that are all available on one platform. Now without wasting any time, let’s discuss the unbelievable service that it is providing its customers:

  • One of the main problems was solved as a primary goal. Before this service, you had to go to a money transfer service for a money transfer but, now you do not need to go anywhere. So, you need an internet connection and a mobile phone for this purpose.
  •        Online money transfer to Gambiasaves precious time because it just needs a few minutes and a little bit of knowledge to send money.
  • The recipient also benefits from this service because they can choose the nearest cash pickup location of their own choice for their ease.
  • The money transfer charges are significantly less. This is another significant benefit because it not only saves your time but also saves your money. 

There are many other benefits that an online money transfer service provides to its customers. Now you have to decide whether you would choose the old conventional methods that waste a lot of your precious time and money or select the superb online money transfer service that saves your time and money and provides you all the services you want on one platform.

Wrap up:

When you intend to send money to Gambia you can send as much money as possible as the transfer cost is very low. Your hard-earned money will never get wasted when you use the online money transfer system, and you even don’t have to go to different places for different services because it joins all facilities in one loop.