How Home Country’s Governments Help Out Expatriates In EU Amid Covid-19 Pandemic?

Bangladeshi diaspora sends money to Bangladesh is approximately £1.04 billion in February 2021. Bangladesh is improving, but it remains one of the world’s least developed countries. Thousands of people have relocated to work in other countries. Some are successful, but many are oppressed and denied their rights. The government will offer financial support to Bangladeshi foreign nationals residing in Europe and other countries in a complex condition due to the coronavirus pandemic problem.

“Bangladeshi migrants have lost their jobs or are having difficulty seeking employment in many countries. We’ve discussed the issue with the Foreign Ministry, and we’ll take the appropriate measures to address the issue after a structured discussion with the countries involved,” Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Imran Ahmad said.

Why People Migrates From Developing Countries To the UK And EU Countries?

There are both push and pull reasons for migration to European countries. The main driving forces are unemployment and poverty. According to UN estimates, Bangladesh’s populace in 2020 will be 164,689,383 individuals by mid-year. For quite some time, the economy has been rising at about 6% per year. One of the reasons for economic progress is money transfer to Bangladesh by expats. The country is making strides, but not quickly enough. We’re all dealing with significant issues. It was so bad after the 1971 independence that politicians in Washington mocked it as a “basket case.” That is no longer said there. Young Bangladeshis, especially those without a good education, have a difficult time finding jobs.

What Are The Positive Points That Make People Migrate To Developed Countries?

Many people yearn to live in another country, and on the plus side, there are job openings in other countries. In a wide variety of sectors, wealthier nations depend on migrant workers. Furthermore, some Bangladeshi migrants who send money to Bangladesh online or through agents have become wealthy in other countries is essential, as they serve as role models for young people considering leaving the country. Occasionally, comparatively well-off families send their children overseas, for example, to ensure that they receive a good education or because the children have been active in criminal activity or violent, radical politics. In general, however, current Bangladeshi migration is not motivated by religious or political considerations.

How Diaspora Send Money To Home Country During Covid-19 Pandemic?

As the COVID scenario unfolds, its effect on consumer behaviour and employees’ perceptions and perceptions will become more evident. However, after the pandemic has passed, it is apparent that we will return to a new standard. It is critical for the digital payments ecosystem to develop quickly and help form the post-COVID period to aid recovery and lead the transition into this new normal. It is said that during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, people will prefer to send money to Bangladesh online from worldwide as online money transfer is quick, simple and secure for your health and wealth.