How I Helped My Family Buy a House With International Remittance?

I’m the sole provider of my family. They are relying on me for all their needs. I’m doing everything possible overseas to make ends meet for my family. My family lives in Pakistan, one of the struggling economies in Asia. But foreign exchange increased in 2019. Like me, many Pakistanis send money to Pakistan to support their families.

My family is currently residing in a rented apartment floor. But I want them to shift to a double story house in a good neighbourhood. For that reason, I have to send money to my family.

Still, I must understand certain options for transferring money internationally before committing. This information will help me choose the best way to remit a large amount of money for purchasing a house in Pakistan.

Is It Easier To Send Money to Pakistan Through Bank?

Habitually, the bank will be the first stop for international money transfer. For the online money transfer to Pakistan, all I need is a bank account. The bank will guide through the process. The downside is the fees. It can take a few days for a transfer to go through. Certain banks offer competitive rates and services for overseas bank transfer, especially for larger amounts.

How To Send Money to Pakistan Through Foreign Exchange Broker?

Forex brokers are very common these days. Forex brokers are the firms that enable currency traders to access a trading platform and buy and sell foreign currencies. A forex broker’s task is to handle a tiny portion of the overall forex market. People who are international traders use these brokers to access the currency market anytime, anywhere.

Forex brokers are compensated through the bid-ask spread of a currency pair in which a broker buy one currency and later sell that currency with a different price. Also, brokers charge a fee per transfer of the currency. The trader has to deposit money to the account of the broker firstly. It is important to research to find out a broker with an excellent reputation and the best service.

How To Send Money to Pakistan Online?

Some banks will send money to Pakistan online, and all I need to do is pierce my recipient’s bank particulars. Sending money online to Pakistan is no longer a complicated task due to the ACE money transfer service. It’s the best option for sending money online. Also, it provides the best services and transfers money in moments.

How Online Money Transfers Services Work For Pakistan?

Money transfer services, such as ACE are right. I can give money in any form I like, and I’ll get a reference number — this is the key to unlock the cash, so it needs to be given only to my family and no one else. ACE transactions are easy, comfortable and immediate. ACE provides multiple reimbursement options. For the money transfer to Pakistan, ACE is locked and easy. ACE money transfer offers you with an instant cash pickup and bank transfer.