How I Helped My Friend in Paying His Rent for Apartment?

Transferring money abroad is all about choosing the right service provider. If you do not want the right money transfer service, you end up losing your money because you have to pay some hidden and extra charges. I came to know about this when I had to send money to Nigeria online. A friend of mine was living in a rented apartment. He could not save enough money to pay apartment rent.

So he asked for some help. At that time, I did not know anything about money transfer services. So the first option popped up in front of me, I considered it. And I pay a vast amount in the form of transfer and currency exchange fee in addition to the original amount. I was shocked. But it was an emergency, so I had to send the amount immediately. But for next time, I did proper research about it ahead and then chose the service of best money transfer company according to my needs.

How did I compare Different Money Transfer Services?

 For comparing different service providers, I used various tools available on the internet. These tools compare other providers based on exchange rates and transfer fee they offered to their customers. After comparison, I chose the best service provider for online money transfer to Nigeria that was not a burden on my budget and also suited my needs. They had the best exchange rates and charged a low transfer fee.

How I Transferred Money to Nigeria?

 After choosing the service provider, I followed these simple steps for money transfer to Nigeria. First of all, I signed up for an account in money transfer mobile app. It required some necessary information like name, contact and valid ID proof. After the signing up the report, I provide the name of my friend, his address and contact details. As I was considering the option of bank transfer, so I also had to give the bank account details of my friend. Then I offered the amount he needed from me to transfer and completed the transaction.

How To Send Money Affordably To Nigeria?

 If you want to send money to Nigeria to support your loved ones, navigating an expensive and complicated process is the last thing you want to consider. Send money to Nigeria does not have to be a burden on the budget. Before considering any money transfer service, it would be better to compare exchange rates, transfer fees and different options to find out the best deal for you. Sending money to Nigeria can be easy because there are a lot of options from bank transfers to online transactions that can transfer money to the recipient within minutes. Traditional methods are a bit expensive as they charge high transfer fees and offer reduced exchange rates.


 Instead of traditional methods, consider dedicated service providers is an affordable option for sending money to Nigeria. It is because they transfer your money quickly and safely. If you want to send money online to your loved ones living in Nigeria, it would be best to consider ACE Money Transfer.