How I Return Loan Taken from A Friend in Senegal? Story of An Expat

Do you ever send money to Senegal or any other country in an emergency?

We ask our friends and relatives for help when we are in trouble. They provide us moral, emotional and financial support. I also had to face some difficult situations. When I was in trouble, my best friend helped me. I had a loss in business, and I needed financial support; he gave me some money. He didn’t ask that money back, but I knew it I had to return the money. So when I was able to re-establish my business and had enough money, I decided to return his money. He was living in Senegal at that time. I did not know any mean of online money transfer to Senegal to him. So one of my friends told me about international money transfer services. I searched about them and here I what I found:

How did I get to Know About International Money Transfer Services?

Overseas money transfer services allow you to send money to a recipient living in some other country. While sending money to Senegal, you need to provide funds to service providers you choose or the bank, and then they will transfer money to the recipient living in Senegal. This can also be done by using some mobile application or online. You can also transfer funds using a debit card or credit card from your bank to the recipient’s bank account. This money will either be deposited in the bank account or e-wallet of the beneficiary. He can collect in the form of cash when he wants.

How I Transferred Money to Senegal?

Money transfer to Senegal is not a difficult task. I followed these simple steps and returned the loan:

  • I chose a service provider, ACE Money Transfer based on exchange rates, transfer fees, and customer reviews. Then sign up for an account. It required some necessary information like name, contact and valid ID proof. I provided the required information.
  • I provided the name of the beneficiary, his address and contact details. You may also have to add bank account information if it requires.
  • Then I provided the amount I wanted to transfer and completed the transaction. Within two days’ money was transferred to the destination and my friend took the money from the nearest branch.

Final Thoughts

Banks take care of all of our financial needs, that is why most people use banks to transfer money to Senegal. But it is not necessary. Banks charge high transfer fees and offer less competitive exchange rates. Instead of banks consider dedicated money transfer service providers is an affordable option for sending money to Senegal. If you want to send money to Senegal online to your loved ones, it would be best to consider ACE Money Transfer. They have a convenient website and mobile app for transferring money. You can easily send money whenever you want while sitting at your home. Give them a try, and you will love their services.