How I Send Money to Gambia and Helped My Brother in Paying His Tuition Fee

We are living in a modern world where people are more connected than ever. They have a business in other countries, send their children to other countries for studies, and move to other countries when they find better job opportunities.

Same is the case with Gambians. A lot of them send money to Gambia, who are working in other countries such as the UK.

When People send their children for education proposes to different countries, they are much concerned about travel and safety of their children. One of the most important things is how they can make sure that they can send money to their children when they are in need.

Whether they need money for fun, for paying tuition fee or for an emergency, the thing that matters are it can reach there safely and quickly. For a money transfer to Gambia, they are often the first priority.

I also had to face a similar situation when my brother moved abroad for studying. At the start, it was difficult for him to manage things on his own. He was just moved to a new place in a strange country. He was all alone.

The education system was different there. He faced a tough time while adjusting there. At that time, he was unable to manage even his studies so it was almost impossible for him to do a part-time job for meeting his expenses. I decided to help him so that he could focus on his studies.

For sending money to him I needed a reliable source so here is what I found for supporting my brother:

Can You Consider Credit cards as an Option for Online Money Transfer?

In case of credit cards or ATM, I had to bear heavy transfer fees. ATMs were not convenient. If ATM was used to withdraw money in a foreign country by my brother, he would be charged for currency conversion fee, fee from their bank and fee from ATM itself.

Moreover, he just moved to a new country and he did not have any bank account. So bank transfer or use of credit or debit card was not a good option.

Some Important Facts You Should Know About Online Money Transfer

After considering all these facts, I searched for other options that I can avail to help my brother. So when I searched on the internet I came to know about online money transfer services.

Among different websites, I chose ACE Money Transfer to send money to Gambia online after reading customer reviews. They were providing the best services at a minimum transfer fee and reliable exchange rates.

I provided the required information and they transferred the amount to the destination country. My brother picked the money from the nearest location and paid his tuition fee.


International money transfer can be a tough task to do sometimes but if you choose the right method to transfer the money you can save yourself and your child from the trouble of paying extra charges. ACE Money Transfer is best to send money globally.

They provide you with easy to use web and application using which you can transfer money from any place at any time. You can transfer money to Gambia online, and many other countries. It is a very convenient and quick way to send money abroad. You won’t regret using it.