How I Send Money to Nigeria and Helped My Cousin in Emergency?

In a new country different kind of emergencies, a person can face. If you are a tourist, you may lose your wallet or money to a pickpocket. You may drop your wallet. Or you may buy some expensive things and then run short of money. Well, in almost every developing country you can have the facility of online money transfer. In the time of need, you can take help from your family. Even if you ask your relatives to send money to Nigeria, Senegal, Gambia or other developing countries, this is no more stress.

Nigeria — A Country Where Online Money Transfer is Not a Problem!

One of my cousins faced such problem during his stay in Nigeria. He was very fond of travelling. So he planned to visit Nigeria. Nigeria is an amazing country in West Africa.

It is considered among one of the oldest locations of human existence and is the most populous country in Africa. It has a lot of tourist attractions including rain forests, waterfalls and Savannah. So during his stay in Nigeria, he lost his wallet to some pickpocket.

He was much worried and did not know what to do. He did not have any friends or relatives over there. He did not want to make his parents worried about him. So he contacted me and asked for help. I did not know anything about how can I help him.

My friend told me that I can send money to Nigeria online for helping him. I did not know anything about money transfer services. So I took help from the internet. Here is what I did to help my cousin:

What is the Best Option for Nigerians to Send Money Online?

First of all, I searched for all the options available for online money transfer to Nigeria. Two options were most reliable one was bank transfer and other was online money transfer.

I could not make bank transfer because he did not any bank account over there. So it was more reliable for me to transfer money via online money transfer services.

What is My Choice Among All Online Money Transfer Companies?

Next step was to choose the right company for taking services. After considering exchange rates offered, transfer fee, pay-in and pay-out options and reading customer’s reviews I chose ACE Money Transfer to send money online.

They were providing quick services at the best possible exchange rates and service charges were very low. Their customers were very satisfied.

After deciding the service provider, I entered the required information, like the name of my cousin, his location, amount and contact information.

After the transaction was initiated, my cousin got the money within an hour. He was much relieved after getting money. He thanked me and enjoyed his trip a lot.


Anyone can face an emergency situation in a strange country during his trip. If you lose your wallet or money trouble is real. You won’t be able to enjoy your trip.

The first thing you can do is to ask your friends for help. If they send you money immediately you can enjoy your trip. For this purpose, money transfer services from a trusted company are required.

For a money transfer to Nigeria and other developing countries, I suggest you consider ACE Money Transfer, as they are best in this field. They offer you a good exchange rate and do not charge much. You can use their mobile application also. Give them a try and you won’t regret it.