How I Send Money to Senegal in an Affordable Manner to A Friend? Story of an Overseas

Just like many other Senegalese, I applied for a job in one of the companies in the UK. Luckily I got a job there and moved from Senegal. One of my friends living in Senegal was having some trouble. He needed me to send money to Senegal. Well, I had savings, so I decided to help him. But the major problem was I did not know how to do so. First, I thought to send money via a traditional method, but it was way too expensive. I did not want to waste the money. So my roommate told me about online money transfer services. He said to me that I could help my friend via a money transfer service provider using my bank account. Here is what I did:

How did I compare Different Money Transfer Services?

For comparing different service providers, I used various tools available on the internet. These tools compare different providers based on exchange rates and transfer fee they offered to their customers. After comparison, I chose a service provider ACE Money Transfer that was not a burden on my budget and also suited my needs. They had the best exchange rates and charged a low transfer fee.

How I Transferred Money Finally?

After choosing the service provider, I followed these simple steps for money transfer to Senegal:

  • First of all, I signed up for an account. It required some necessary information like name, contact and valid ID proof.
  • After the signing up the account, I provide the name of my friend, his address and contact details. As I was considering the option of bank transfer, so I also had to give the bank account details of my friend.
  • Then I provided the amount he needed from me to transfer and completed the transaction.

Why do I need to Send Money Affordably to Senegal?

If you want online money transfer to Senegal for supporting your loved ones, navigating an expensive and complicated process is the last thing you want to consider. Transferring money to Senegal does not have to be a burden on the budget. Before considering any money transfer service, it would be better to compare exchange rates, transfer fees and different options to find out the best deal for you. Sending money to Senegal can be easy because there are a lot of options from bank transfers to online transactions that can transfer money to the recipient within minutes. Banks are a bit expensive as they charge high transfer fees and offer reduced exchange rates. Moreover, there are also hidden charges you are unaware of.


Instead of banks consider dedicated money transfer service providers is an affordable option for sending money to Senegal. It is because they transfer your money quickly and safely. If you want to send money to Senegal online, it would be best to consider ACE Money Transfer. They have a convenient website and mobile application for transferring money. You can easily send money whenever you want while sitting at your home. Your money will be in safe hands.