How I Sent Money Back Home With Ease? A Story to Inspire!

It is now much easier to send money to Ghana with a few clicks. Here is my story!

I’m from Ghana. But currently, I’m living in Germany. The reason for my stay in Germany is due to my job. I’m working as a “chief manager” in a cosmopolitan company.

I have multiple accounts. One for receiving a paycheck and the other as personal savings account in Ghana. So almost every month I need to deposit some amount in my savings account in Ghana.

Nevertheless, I have to comprehend certain alternatives for transferring capital internationally before committing.

A savings account is a deposit account held at a retail bank that pays interest but cannot be used directly as money in the narrow sense of a medium of exchange.

Brief Intro About My Home Country!

Ghana was the 1st place in sub-Saharan Africa where Europeans arrived to trade. We were also the 1st black African nation in the region to achieve independence.

How to Send Money to Ghana Through Bank?

A customary way of money transfer is a bank. In Ghana, all settlements to foreigners acquiesce to be permitted by the Bank of Ghana. Online banking has made it easier to transfer money between bank accounts. But this is not a preferred method as compare to online money trasnfer.

How to do Account to Account Money Transfer Between Different Banks?

If both accounts are mine, a bank-to-bank transfer is a good option. I can set up the transfer with the sending or receiving bank, and the funds arrive at the destination after two or three business days, all depending on my banking establishment and whether or not I’m banking internationally or domestically.

Many banks allow making free transfers between connected accounts. No transfer can be done until the two accounts are linked. It can take about a week for the accounts to be linked.

To link Accounts

  • Log in to the account I’ll send from and look for an option to “link accounts.”
  •  Provide the other bank’s routing number and my account number at that bank. If I don’t have that information, get those numbers either on a check or from my bank.
  • I need to verify that I own the external account.
  • This method is easiest if both bank accounts are in my name.

How to Send Money Online to Ghana?

Sending money to Ghana online is not a tough task anymore due to the ACE money transfer service. It’s the best option for sending money online. It provides the best services. It will transfer money in moments. Online money transfer is a fast, simple, helpful, secure and suitable way of money transactions using a cell phone.

Send Money Quickly Online In Ghana By Online Money Transfer Services

Using a money transfer service, like ACE is a good choice. I can provide money in any form I like, and I’ll get a reference number, so it needs to be given to no one.

ACE transactions are simple, easy and direct. ACE is a locked and easy way to send money online. ACE money transfer provides you with an instant cash pickup and bank transfer.

Send money online with peace of mind. ACE enables you to send money globally online, 24/7, and that too from the comfort of your home.