How I Sent Money to Gambia For My Friend’s Father? Story of An Expat

I never realized how hard it is to find a reliable medium to send money to Gambia until the pages turned, and I had to carry out a transaction. I had a friend in Gambia whose father fell sick. He needed money, and I had to arrange for the funds to be transferred to Gambia. Given the circumstances, I had to ensure that the money would reach the family as soon as possible.

How I Searched for A Reputed Money Transfer Company?

Thus, I began my hunt for finding a medium that could help me do so. I started my search, and the first option that I came across that could allow me to send money to Gambia online, was a bank transfer. In this case, it was certain that the money would reach the family without any loss or scam. But the biggest issue was the time required for the transaction to be completed. All the banks I contacted told me that no matter what, the money would need at least three working days to be sent to Gambia. Since my friend’s father was in a critical condition, this was a risk that I could not afford to take at the moment.

Why I Tried ACE Money Transfer For Helping My Friend?

So, I continued to look for some other channel through which money transfer to Gambia would be possible. Finally, I came across ACE Money Transfer. They are a money transfer service provider that was a blessing in disguise for me.

I reached out to them and explained my situation to them. I was glad to know that they could help me.

They assured that:

  • The money will reach my friend’s family within twenty-four hours.
  • I did not have to worry about any scam or loss of money since their channels to send money online were a hundred percent reliable.
  • They offered me the best exchange rate for the currency. This meant that the money would reach the family and they could gain maximum benefit and advantage from it.
  • The transfer fee that they charged in return of their service was extremely affordable. Thus I sent money yet saved money on the transaction because I was not being charged an enormous amount of money in the name of the transfer fee.

How to Check the Customer Reviews Before Sending Money?

I checked their customer reviews and was shocked to see that all their customers were extremely satisfied by the extent and quality of their services. What else could I have asked for? I sent the money through them.

Within twenty-four hours, I received a call from my friend. He was extremely thankful for the help, and upon inquiring, he confirmed that he had received the full amount. I am genuinely amazed to see how easy international remittance is, all thanks to this amazing and dedicated service provider. For online money transfer, you can also trust on ACE.