How I Sent Money to Gambia Online Instead of An Agent?

Story of a Gambian overseas! I have been living in England for the past five years, but my family is still in Gambia. Every month, stress that I have to face is to send money to Gambia so that my family can carry out their monthly expenses and pay bills etc. I used to send money back home via a traditional transfer method. Despite being the safest and most recommended medium of money transfer, this medium surely had some downsides like:

  1. I had to go to an agent myself. During the weekdays, I was busy with my office work and barely had time to go to the agency. Over the weekends, the agency would be off too. So, I often had to call in late for work or leave work early to carry out the transaction.
  2. The expense incurred while sending money to Gambia through a bank was huge. The exchange rate was low but the transfer fee was high. This was taking a toll on my pocket.
  3. It took anywhere between one to three days for the money to reach home. Therefore, this method failed to help in case of an emergency.

Why was I Reluctant of Online Money Transfer?

This scenario compelled me to look for some other option. I discussed the situation with a colleague, and he recommended a money transfer company. Initially, I was reluctant as I heard some stories about scams and thefts when carrying out money transfer to Gambia through service providers. But my colleague assured me that this company is a hundred percent reliable, so I decided to try their services.

How I Sent Money Online by Adding a Few Details?

To send money online, I visited their website and registered an account. Their website was very intuitive, and I had no difficulty in trying to figure anything out. I signed up for the account and provided details like the amount that was to be transferred and the name and identity card number of the recipient. I paid the amount and waited for the transaction to be completed.

The money was received within twenty-four hours. The exchange rate was amazing as I got a maximum amount of money back home. At the same time, the transfer fee that they charged me was very minute. This was the cheapest way to send money to Gambia online that I had come across so far.

What Are the Few Things to Know for Sending Money?

Here are a few things that I loved about the use of money transfer services to send money back home:

  1. The entire process was online. I did not have to visit their office personally. So, I could send money without disturbing my office hours.
  2. The expense was considerably lesser as I got a greater exchange rate yet a lower transfer fee making this process way less expensive than money transfer via an agent.
  3. The method of online money transfer to Gambiathrough a money transfer company is a lot quicker. The money was received almost instantly, and my family did not have to wait for days.