How I Sent Money to Senegal to Support my Parents? Story of An Expat!

In this era, several Senegalese work away from their countries and also their families. These people need to send money to Senegal for performing the business dealings with their partners. Moreover, many of them needs to transfer money to their countries to support their families. But they do not know about the methods to transfer money internationally.

What Were My Problems of Money Transfer to Senegal?

Senegal is my homeland and it is such a beautiful place. The capital of Senegal is Dakar. Because of the short circle of the working environment in Senegal, I traveled to another country to do the job with an attractive salary. Recently I needed to send money to Senegal to support my family. I only knew about the bank transfer method, but the bank transfer was so expensive way and of poor currency conversion rate. Banks charged extra transaction fees on every transfer of money. In this situation, I needed the cheapest and trusted way to send money. I was worried about the transfer. My colleague suggested me to use online money transfer service. I searched on the web about money transfer online and here is what I found.


How Do I Chooses A Company to Send Money Online?

I searched for the best online money transfer service providers. There were many options available on the internet to transfer online money to Senegal. A huge collection of companies was providing online money transfer to Senegal. I need to found the best money transfer service provider for my transaction of money. I compared different online companies with transfer fees they were applied and their currency exchange rates they offered.

After comparing all the things, I finally chose the best provider company for making fund transfer to my family. They were providing services at high exchange rates and fewer transaction fees. They transfer money swiftly to other countries with trusted operators. The timing of the online money transfer company is minor slow but steady. A transaction will be completed in two or three days.

What I Had To Provide For Transferring Money Online?

After comparing different providers and choosing one of them, you can start your transaction and send money to Senegal online. Those online companies required a piece of short information for sending money to Senegal like the name of the recipient, location of beneficiary and contact information of the destination holder. I provided the required information to those companies which one I select. The online money transfer was initiated. The money reached at the destination within two days of sending. I was happy about my successful transaction with Senegal. Now I am supporting my parents and life partners.


For online money transfer to Senegal, I compared different services providers and then choose the best one. I suggest you to consider ACE Money Transfer. They provide you the best online transfer services. They charge fewer transfer fees and provide suitable exchange rates to money transfer online. They have a convenient mobile application and website for you on the internet. You can transfer online money while sitting at your home or any place. Try their services for enjoying a better online money transaction