How I Transferred Money For Mortgage Payment?

Do you it is easier to send money to Bangladesh through digital methods.

I was planning to spend my vacations in some other country, and while searching on the internet, I came to know about this fantastic country Bangladesh.

What Are Some Facts About Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is an amazing place known for its vast biodiversity, the main attraction for tourists. Some of the most popular tourist attractions are monuments, rain forests, beaches, diving spots and heritage towns. It is an ideal place to spend holidays. Buying or mortgaging a property over there is the best option to spend a more extended period over there. This requires a considerable amount of money transfer to Bangladesh.

How I Planned to Send A Large Amount?

I wanted to spend my holidays with my family, and it was such a lovely place that I think we can visit this amazing country every year. So I decided to mortgage a beautiful bungalow over there. I discussed it with my family, and they were pleased to hear it. It seemed very easy at the start, but then I realized I had to transfer a considerable amount to the agent. I did not know any means to transfer such a massive amount, so one of my friends told me how to transfer money to Bangladesh. Here is how it was done:

How I Explored Various Money Transfer Options Before I Send Money Online?

Two options were available for me. One was bank transfers, and other was online money transfer. Before I send money online, I compared different money transfer service providers. For comparison, I used some online tools available on the internet. These tools compare various providers based on transfer fees and exchange rates they offered. It helped me in shortlisting some service providers.

How To Choose One Money Transfer Service According to My Needs?

Once I found companies providing better exchange rates and low transfer fees, it was easy for me to proceed further. Then I found the company providing services both in my country and Bangladesh names ACE Money Transfer. They provided best customer services at the best possible exchange rates and low transfer fees. There were no hidden charges. I found it very reliable and secure.

How I Finally Transferred Money?

I chose to send money to Bangladesh online. After I was satisfied with their services, I signed up at their website. I entered complete information required for transferring money like name of the agent, address, other contact information and amount I wanted to transfer. The amount was transferred to the destination, and my agent picked it from their branch near his location.


I observed that you need to be very careful with online money transfer to Bangladesh. You need to find the right company for transferring money that suits your needs. When you are going to transfer a significant amount, there are two things you need to consider. The company can transfer large funds and has a reasonable exchange rate. It will be better to prefer foreign exchange companies for money transfer services, as they offer more competitive rates and provide you with excellent customer services. These companies are fully regulated, and their fund transfer is secure. You can send money online safely and quickly.