How Is Government Supporting Expatriates To Enhance Remittance Inflow To The Country?

The government of Pakistan always values overseas Pakistanis send money to Pakistan from abroad. The Pakistani government values foreign Pakistanis and is dedicated to cultivating, nurturing, and preserving a mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationship between the two countries. Foreign exchange remittances are not the only way that Pakistanis living abroad can help. Their contribution to image building, technology transfer, and investment growth is critical, and with consistent efforts, Overseas Pakistanis can achieve tangible results. Email with any questions or information.

What Are The Investment Opportunities For NRPs In Pakistan?

Now is the best time for any overseas Pakistani to send money to Pakistan online who wants to invest in Pakistan’s real estate market. Thanks to the government’s efforts to create real estate investment smoother for Pakistanis working overseas, the property market is on the rise. Besides that, thanks to technology, nothing is hidden from the public spotlight, including the ever-increasing penetration of social media in our lives. This ensures that prospective foreign investors will be able to learn everything they need to know about investing in Pakistani real estate without ever having to leave their homes.

By watching YouTube videos, reading Facebook reviews, and looking at a series of pictures on the internet, you can digitally visit the land you’ve set your sights on. However, do your research before money transfers to Pakistan & deciding on a property to invest in. It’s a work that requires in-depth research, a sharp mind, good analytical skills, and a third eye to spot deception.

How Can I Make Sure Investment In Property Sector Is Safe In Pakistan?

When thinking about buying a house, the first thing that comes to mind is whether or not the project is healthy to invest in. Suppose it is administered by civic authorities such as the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the Karachi Development Authority (KDA), or the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), or by a controlled administration body such as the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) or the Pakistan Armed Forces (PAF). In that case, it is almost certainly a safe investment. Check to see if the residential scheme has been approved by the government. It should be enough to raise red flags for potential investors if a project is still pending government approval.

Non-resident Pakistanis can also invest in National Savings Schemes by submitting a check, online money transfers to Pakistan, or draught in any currency to the Officer in Incharge of the National Savings Centre, along with the application form duly completed and copies of their passport and national identity card.