How Is It Possible That The ACE Money Transfer Has A Zero-Fee Option?

Have you ever heard of a zero-transaction-cost international remittance service? If not, this would be great news for you because ACE Money Transfer made it possible. ACE is one of the few remittance service companies that offer competitive exchange rates and low-cost money transfer options. Let’s explore how you can get a chance for a fee-free transaction.

ACE always greets new clients with enticing and incredible deals, and your first transaction will be completely free of charge on joining the company for the first time. By being the most convenient and fastest money transfer service, ACE fulfils the expectations of migrants. You can make your first online money transfer to Ghana with ACE right away with zero transaction fees.


Make Your First Transaction Free Of Cost

Although the world is brimming with international remittance service companies, ACE Money Transfer is the most prominent. Multiple factors contribute to the rise of global remittance service providers, and ACE never sacrifices quality when it comes to services. Hurry up! Sign up for a free account and make your first fee-free transaction. 


Procedure To Get Zero-Fee Transaction As A New Customer

You have the opportunity to profit from ACE’s most incredible offer. It provides all new customers with a free first transaction. This deal is for you to conduct an online money transfer to Ghana, India, Bangladesh, or any other country. Your first money transfer transaction to any part of the world now comes at no cost. Follow these procedures to become eligible for the offer mentioned above:

  • Create an ACE Money Transfer account for free.
  • Fill in the blanks with basic information.
  • Make your first transaction with zero fees.

Best Ways of Online Money Transfer To Ghana

ACE Money Transfer has a long list of affiliations and associations. ACE provides various payment options while providing high-quality services in many regions worldwide. We will highlight some of the best ways to send money to Ghana. Continue reading to learn about the most effective methods for sending money to Ghana.

  • Wire Transfer
  • Cash Pickup
  • Bill Payment
  • Mobile Wallets 

A bank transfer transaction can be used to send an instant money transfer. The beneficiary will receive the funds directly into their bank account.

Safe, Quick, And Credible Money Transfers

When it is about entrusting someone with your money, security has always been a significant concern—finding a dependable remittance solution for your international transactions has never been easier.

ACE has long been a dependable option for international remittances, offering a secure and quick money transfer to and from everywhere on the planet. ACE, equipped with the most up-to-date technological breakthroughs, consistently exceeds customer expectations.

With ACE Money Transfer, you may send an infinite number of cashless transactions while experiencing the ultimate and outstanding remittance delivery competence. ACE has an extensive network of connections and cooperation, making it easier to receive and transmit money.

The vast network of collaborative banks and other prominent financial groups significantly facilitates luxury services. Join ACE Money Transfer today and make your first transaction free of charge. It’s difficult to transfer money without incurring any fees. ACE never fails to amuse the crowd by making such incredible offers.


Enjoy the intriguing exchange rates on all your transactions with a simple zero fee. Moreover, you can also transfer money directly to your loved ones in Ghana using their debit or credit card. You can do your first transaction using their website or mobile application in simple steps. 

So, if you haven’t already done so, join the ACE network today and start receiving free transactions all over the world. This offer is available to all new customers on the ACE platform.