How Is Remittance A Boon To Development of Home And Host Countries Of Expatriates?

Expatriates send money to Pakistan or any other country to support their families. It Is called remittance. Remittances, or money sent home by migrant workers, have been dubbed “manna from overseas” because they are a significant source of economic sustainability and poverty alleviation in many developing countries. At first glance, it seems that these vast sums of money, mostly from the United Kingdom, have accomplished what foreign investment and foreign assistance have struggled to do in most Central and South Asian countries.

They have improved the overall well-being of a large population, increased their buying power, and minimized liquidity constraints among people who are entrepreneurs. These financial inflows have reduced country risk indicators and government debt pressures at the macroeconomic level. Online money transfers to Pakistan and other countries from abroad enable countries to finance development on their terms; however, developing countries must first learn how to efficiently use remittance funds, much like a teenager with a first job. If the country is to make effective use of these funds, it must first establish policies that foster intelligent, steady growth and ensure that growth is not focused solely on communities.

What Are The Main Factors In Flow Of Remittance To Emerging Economies?

Remittances from workers or money transfers to Pakistan & other countries from abroad have overtaken trade as the second-largest source of net financial flows to developing economies. However, the primary motivations for sending remittances are still debatable. The average remittance per migrant is positively associated with the GDP difference between sending and receiving countries. Interest rate differentials, on the other hand, are negligible, implying a lack of investment motivation.

Finally, migrants’ skills increase remittances, while the receiving country’s massive informal economy reduces official remittance flows. Remittances have been shown to minimize the depth and intensity of poverty in developing countries, and they are linked to increased household spending on health, schooling, and small businesses, according to studies. However, there is no indication that they have a significant effect on receiving countries’ overall economic development.

Why Nigerian Recommend Online International Payments Rather Going To Bank For Each Transaction?

Anything connected to remittance has become quicker and cheaper than ever before, thanks to the online payment service platform. With the progress of technology, you can now send money to Pakistan online and anywhere in the world by using a reputable online payment service app. If you’re sending money to Nigeria or another country, online apps make it easier than ever to do so.