How Long Does It Take To Send Money To Ghana?

Online money transfer has become an effortless mode of sending and receiving money from abroad. Online money transfers have reduced the time and hassle of transacting money. Ghanaians being a progressing and developing nation prefer online money transfers to send money to Ghana.

Complete this checklist to get your transaction done in a fast and efficient way

If you are about to send money to Ghana, go through this checklist to complete your transaction in a fast and reliable manner.

Opt for Online Money Transfer Services

Sending money through banks involves a considerable amount of time and some extra charges. On the other side, online money transfer services, like ACE Money Transfer, provide the best services and no hidden charges. Online money transfers usually take a couple of minutes to send or receive money.

Check for Exchange Rate

It is essential to look for the best exchange rates in the market. You need always to choose a service that provides high exchange rates and lower transfer fees. Some companies offer a high exchange rate, but they have high transfer charges on the same side. Look for a service like ACE Money Transfer that provides both better exchange rates and lower transfer charges.

Verify hidden costs

Some money transfer services involve some hidden charges that cost the customer a big backlash. Hidden charges can be of different types like foreign exchange margin, mark-ups etc. Always choose services that clarify no hidden charges and taxes.

Why choose ACE Money Transfer to transfer money to Ghana?

Reliable: Your money will get there when they need it the most. ACE guarantees being the most reliable partner.

Fast: Send money to Ghana for cash pickup within minutes from the top local banks.

Convenient: Money can be sent directly to significant bank accounts in Ghana.

How To Send Money Through Ace?

If you want to send money to Ghana online, you need to choose ACE Money Transfer. ACE Money Transfer is a remittance company that provides the best exchange rates, safe and fast transactions and hassle-free procedures. You can follow these simple steps to send money through ACE.

  1. Create an account using our app or website.
  2. Complete your profile with basic details and identification documents.
  3. Choose destination country as Ghana
  4. Select the desired payout option and enter the receiver’s details.
  5. Pay for the transaction using your Debit/Credit Card or your Bank Account.

Send your money through ACE Money Transfer to Ghana and get it received instantly!!

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