How Long Does It Take to Send Money to Nigeria Online?

Nigeria, an under-developed state of Africa, is notably involved in international remittances. Due to a high poverty rate and low employment opportunities, a huge population of Nigeria has moved temporarily or permanently, to other states with stronger currencies such as the USA. These migrants have to send money to Nigeria or through a wire and ACH quite frequently.

In previous decades, people had to wait for weeks solely to send money globally. But, due to increased globalization and enhanced technologies, people can now do an online money transfer within some seconds only. If you have to send money to Nigeria online, then the average time taken by different mediums of transfer is explained below.

  1. Send Money Online with ACH Transfers:

If you are thinking about sending money through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system, then it will take 3–4 business days. If you have to do small transfers, then this service can be beneficial for you as it costs negligible or even zero (in particular cases). However, if you have to send money immediately, like within a day or some hours then try using any other available option or send money online.

  1. Wire Transfers:

Wires usually work on the SWIFT system. The payments are sent within the same day. In some cases, the system can take additional time to show the payments in the receiver’s account. Thereby, it’s recommended to check your payment status before leaving for the bank or money transfer platform. Sometimes, there can also be a payment reversal, and the sender will be required to do a money transfer again.

If you have to do a business transfer, then wires are preferable because they are very reliable. But, on the other hand, if you have to do a small transfer, then try avoiding wires as they cost 25–30$ per transaction,

  1. Online Transfers:

Online transfers have opened doors for many possibilities. If you use a bank’s online platform, then it can take 2–3 business days. However, the time required for online transactions may vary from state to state and company to company. The majority of the companies also offer immediate transfer services to their customers, which can help them in sending payments to their family or loved ones, within a few seconds only! This service may cost a little bit more, but it will make sure that the amount is sent to the right person at the right time. However, make sure to check the online transfer limits before proceeding with any transactions.

Different efficient companies such as ACE Money Transfer are allowing their customers to do ACH/Wire or Online Money Transfers, whatever suits their needs the most. Their rates are incredibly competitive, and services are highly credible. Thereby, if you are looking for a trusted provider for money transfer to Nigeria, then ACE Money Transfer is the right choice for you.

How Are Online Money Transfer Services Beneficial For Nigeria?

Almost every person has heard the name of Online Money Transfer in their lives. With the advancements in the era, the urge for overseas money transfer has increased, and it is leading to the generation of more and more money transfer companies. If we look upon the companies, which are providing transfers in seconds to minutes, then it might seem magical or unreal to a lot of individuals, but it is real. People can even send money to Nigeria, Gambia and other developing countries within the shortest possible time, and without standing in a long queue.

Is it A Secure Way to Transfer Money?

Most people prefer banks for transferring cash as they think that it is a safe way to move money. However, they are good but not entirely secure. Moreover, they also charge high transfer fees and offer lousy exchange rates. So it would be better to consider online money transfer services from trusted companies because it is a secure way to transfer money abroad.


Every Online Money Transfer System works upon a highly automated and precise system. Back in previous decades, people considered that taking money physically from the US to London is the fastest way of transferring it, but now the time is changed. Send money online, as digital methods of transferring money have changed everything. While sitting at your home, you can transfer money whenever you want wherever you want. The world has become a global village, and it’s not wrong to say that the distances have been reduced to almost zero.

Is Online Money Transfer a Trouble-Free Approach

In old times people had to visit the nearest branch f bank or any company to transfer money. Moreover, if they had to playbills, they had to wait in long queues. But these days it is easy to send money to Nigeria online and other countries. You can send money to your loved ones online while sitting at your home. There is no need to visit near branches.

Is it A Time-Saving Approach to Send Money Online?

Online money transfer is a time-saving approach. You do not have to wait for your turn in a long line. It saves you from the trouble of filling out long and severe forms. You can save time to do other critical pending tasks.

People are living away from their families; some have a business in other countries. Transferring money in the form of cash is not a good option, and there are chances you may lose the money. Moreover, you may also be attacked by thieves. Your money is not safe at all in this situation. So online money transfer services are best to consider. For online money transfer to Nigeria, it is recommended to prefer a reputed money transfer service as they provide you with the most convenient way to send money globally. They can offer you the best exchange rates and charge low transfer fees. Also, they offer you a mobile application and a reliable website for transferring money. Give them a try, and you will love their services.