How money transfer actually works?

When you send money to Bangladesh from your credit card to your bank or building society account, it is a money transfer. It will be included in your credit card balance and will be repaid as part of your monthly statement amount.

Some credit cards provide this feature, and it’s typically fairly straightforward to set up. Once the funds have arrived in your account, you may use them to pay for products or services, as well as to pay off higher-interest credit cards or unexpected obligations.

Any offline or online money transfers you make will almost always be subject to a fee, usually a percentage of the transfer value.

What do you need to know about Online Money Transfers?

Requests for online money transfers are subject to eligibility and security checks, but they will not affect your credit score. Money transfers must be at least £100, and you can transfer up to 93 percent of your credit limit. This is to account for any money transfer fees and other fees, as well as charges or transactions that haven’t yet hit your account.

You cannot cancel an online money transfer to Bangladesh after it has been done, and any costs paid cannot be refunded. If you take advantage of a special offer but don’t pay off the transfer amount in full before the deal expires, interest will be charged on balance at the normal interest rate in effect at the time.

1.Online Money Transfers in Banks

Log in to your online account and choose the option to make a payment from the drop-down menu. To input, the proper information, follow the on-screen directions.

2.Telephonic Money Transfers

Call your bank’s telephone banking facility to make a transfer. A customer care person from the bank will walk you through the procedure. An automated recording may assist you through the process in some situations.

3.Transfers At-branch bank

If you have cash on hand, you can deposit it into the individual’s account to whom you owe money in a branch.

4.International Money Transfers

International money transactions are essentially inter-bank transfers, except that the two banks are located in separate countries,  complicating matters significantly.

The concept of correspondent banking still applies, which implies that the two banks must maintain a working connection to effectuate the money transfer to Bangladesh or another country.


Main objectives about money transfers:

You’ll generally need the following information from the person or organization you’re paying:

  • The date you want the payment to be made.
  • Name of the person or company to whom you’re making a payment.
  • The account you’re paying has a six-digit sort code.
  • Account number (eight digits) of the account you’re paying.
  • A payment reference (usually your name or customer number) identifies you as the source of the funds.
  • The name and address of the bank to whom you’re sending money are sometimes required. This allows them to double-check that the sort code is correct.

Best Money Transfer Services

We’ll go through a few of the most well-known online money transfer services:

  1. Western Union

Western Union is a well-known and widely used money transfer service. Western Union has services in over 200 countries, but they outnumber other providers in terms of location, with over 550,000 outlets worldwide.

Depending on which nation someone is transferring money to, they provide same-day or next-day transfers to most recipients. Western Union charges an additional fee for this expedited delivery; this is not the usual procedure.

Western Union is also recognized for having some of the most costly rates. Depending on the amount of money being transferred, transfer costs can be as little as $5, but the inflation rate for the exchange rate can be as high as 6%.

  1. ACE Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer offers remittance services to over 100 countries from 23 different nations. They are a well-known and established firm that values its clients’ confidence and operates throughout Europe since 2002.

They started as a tiny shop in Bolton, England, with limited services and a small customer base. ACE Money Transfer has a global network of 309,126 sites and 1.3 million clients because of a combination of perseverance, hard work, and drive.


The key details of the money transfer are listed above. Money can be transferred from one bank account to another in a variety of ways. With technology, online money transfer has become the most convenient way to send money to Bangladesh online from one bank to another.

Finally, money transfers have been around for a long time, and the economy has profited immensely from this technical advancement.