How Much Bangladeshis Receive Money From Abroad?

Around almost 8,000,000 abroad labourers in the USA & UK send money to Bangladesh, as indicated by the Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training in Dhaka. Starting in 2016, Bangladesh has become the eighth greatest remittance accepting country on the planet.

The Bangladesh Bank reports that the remittance stream to its nation found the median value of 1212.61 USD million from 2012 until 2016. It arrived at a record high of $1.5bn in 2014, yet in any case, it has as of late drooped to lows of 1005.49 USD million in July of 2016. As foreign labourers from Bangladesh increment throughout the long term, the World Bank dazes a comparably rising expansion in the money transfer stream. Bangladesh ascribes a lot of its nation’s advancement to this remittance stream. In addition to the fact that migrants help their families and companion’s asylum and feed themselves from these assets, yet the money, as well, is utilized to begin and keep up business activities, just as to give schooling among different necessities.

How to Send Money from The UK Easily?

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