How much money can we send with ACE Money Transfer?

ACE Money Transfer is the best to send money to Pakistan and worldwide. Since 2002, they have been working hard to let everyone access sending money online with ease. They are standing apart from their competitors because they allow their clients to send money to 106 countries in the world.

This is a one-stop solution for you to stay in touch with your relatives around the world directly. Online money transfer to Pakistan or other parts of the world is now easily possible as ACE Money Transfer is helping you out from the start to the end.


The whole process is built on small directory steps that the ACE Money Transfer platform will offer you to avoid getting into any trouble while sending money.


So if the question is how much money can you send using ACE Money Transfer, then the following is your answer. 


You can send a total of 2,999 USD in a 24-hour limit and send around 6,000 USD in a 30-day limit and can also send 9,999 USD in a 180-day limit. These are the first-level transactions that you can make using ACE Money Transfer.


These money transfers can also be exceeded in the limit if you know what you are heading to and have a sound idea of how much money you will send in a month.


In the second level, you can send 10,000 USD in a limit of 24 hours and 20,000 USD in a 30-day limit and send 30,000 USD in a 180-day limit. While in the third level, you can send 50,000 USD in a single-day limit, 60,000 USD in a 30-day limit, and 100,000 USD in a 180-day limit.


These limits are there to help people use this money transfer service at their very best. They can move money around and send them to their relatives and friends. Doing business transactions is also super easy when you are doing them through an online money transfer.


The more you get along with these services, the more you will see the benefits and the amount of access you get on your hands. Many people around the globe claim their best experiences with ACE Money Transfer. One reason for being the best service is you can send money to Pakistan online directly into the receiver mobile wallet and you can send money to mobile wallets around 123 countries worldwide.


It helps them stay in touch with their friends and family and make easy business transactions and move the money around. You may find all the easy options of sending money around by using this money transfer method. you


But to make huge transactions or transactions for your business, both the sender and recipient should have personal accounts that only show them as an individual. Your account can not be a business account as ACE Money Transfer is not offering business account transfers.


Online bank transfer depends on your county, and hence it may also take longer than card transactions. The type of account you have, your bank, and the cut-off times matter when making online transactions.


You will be notified about all of the transaction proceedings and will know if your money transfer is incomplete, awaiting funds, transfer in review, or is successfully transferred. You may see a lot of access and ease of use in these services as we humans are trying to move all our daily life tasks online.


This is where online money transfer truly blends in, and you get to see so much of what you may not be enjoying in card transactions of other modes of sending remittances. Now you can make an online money transfer to Pakistan and other parts of the world with ease.