How much time is required to send money to Senegal? Delay Reasons

Have you ever thought about how to send money to Senegal? In this article, we will discuss in detail the reasons for the delay that can take place in transferring money to a West African country Senegal. We will also look at how much time is required to transfer remittances or send money to your family or loved ones residing in Senegal.

The time online money transfer takes depends on a number of factors which we will throw light on before we discuss the reasons causing a delay in transferring money.

Mode: – The first reason which determines how much time does your money transfer to Senegal take is the mode you choose to send money. You can either use a bank transfer or through debit or credit cards or mobile wallets or through some reputable online money transfer companies such as ACE Money Transfer.

Place: – Another determinant is your location which means where you send the funds from.

Destination: – Where you are sending money is another determinant of the time your money will take to transfer.

These are some of the reasons which can cause delays in the transfer of payments online but these reasons can be controlled and are within our reach.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the other reasons causing delays in online payments.

Holidays: – Most banks halt operations during holidays completely or some of the banks still operate but for a short period of time during a holiday. The same applies to the companies whose services you wish to avail of. Therefore, beware of these holidays and keep an eye on the calendars of your country and the country of the beneficiary which is Senegal in this case.

Operational time frames: – Banks normally take a few days to process transactions but this time can extend depending on which bank you are the customer of.

Time zone: – This is applicable on international money transactions if there is a huge time difference between the countries of the sender and receiver. This difference can also cause delays in the transfer of money.

Weekend: – This can also cause a delay in the online money transfer to Senegal because if you transfer money on a Friday afternoon, it will most likely be processed after the weekend.   To avoid this frustration, you must keep an eye on the weekend days of the sender’s country as well as that of the beneficiary.

Time of transfer: – Initiating a transfer at the end of a working day can also because delay is it a national or an international money transfer. Therefore, starting the process at the start of a working day is highly recommended to save time and avoid delays.

Global events: – If a war breaks out between two countries, or a Pandemic spread such as the Covid-19 in recent times, it can also be another reason for the delay in the transfer of funds to your family or loved ones residing in Senegal. Although, the banks and other financial institutions try to keep you abreast of the evolving situations but still the delay that these and other such events cause can turn out to be quite frustrating for both the sender and the beneficiary.

Conclusion: – We have learnt about the reasons which cause a delay in the transferring of funds or remittances to someone in Senegal, a few of the reasons can be avoided by simply being aware of them such as the holidays, time of transfers etc., whereas, other reasons are our control such as national or international emergencies etc. Apart from these reasons, there is little that can cause delays in transferring money to Senegal or elsewhere in this age of science and technology. Good thing, after all, you send money to Senegal online with just a few clicks from your mobile application.