How My Parents Send Money to Senegal With ACE Money Transfer?

I have always wanted to be an architect. It was my biggest dream ever. I worked hard and always got good grades. Therefore, when I was in my last year of college, and it was time for me to start looking for universities, the only programs I would ever be interested in would be architecture-related degrees.

Initial Problems In Sending Money Online

When looking for universities, the one that caught my eye was in Senegal. I applied for the degree program and started praying day and night that I would get into the program.

Weeks passed by, and it was time for the results to be announced. I logged into the admission portal and was overjoyed to see that I had been accepted into the program. Believe me, seeing this news, I was on cloud nine.

It was only a matter of months before I packed my bags and moved to Senegal. My parents had given me some money so that I could pay the university fee and also cater to my day to day expenses.

However, since I had been in Senegal for a couple of months, my funds had started to deplete. I was running out of money and had to find a way for my parents to send some money to me.

Which is the Secure & Safe Method for Online Money Transfer?

I spoke to my parents, and my parents and I started looking for a channel through which they could send money to Senegal. We needed to ensure that the channel used to send the money would be safe, affordable, and I would be able to receive the money as soon as possible.

I consulted a couple of friends who had money sent to them. Their parents used banks or sent the money through a money transfer service provider.

Banks seemed to be a good route to receive money, but the main problem was the fact that I did not have a bank account and opening a new one would take some time. Therefore, the way for my parents to send money to Senegal for me would have to be through money transfer service providers.

ACE Money Transfer! The Best Option For Online Transactions

We started our search and began looking for reliable money transfer companies. The most recommended name that came up was none other than ACE Money Transfer.

They seemed to have won the hearts of many people around the world and were a preference of many people when looking for a medium to send money to Senegal for their loved ones. SoIe and my parents decided to give it a shot.

My father downloaded the ACE Money Transfer mobile application and signed up for an account. He entered my details and then provided the amount of money that he wished to transfer.

After acknowledging the terms and conditions, he initiated the money transfer. It was within twenty-four hours that I had received a notification to come and collect the money from the nearest payout location.

Now ACE Money Transfer is our go-to choice of wiring money. I regularly receive money from my parent,s and the money is always sent via ACE Money Transfer.