How Online Money Transfer Aided Me to Sponsor My Daughter’s Medical Expense in Ghana?

One day my wife called and told about my daughter’s illness. She got sick for her treatment and needed money. Luckily I got my first-month salary. I could not fly back to Ghana at that time, so I talked to one of my colleagues about this issue. He told me that I could send money to Ghana using some money transfer services.

What is My Scenario of Working in a Country Outside Ghana?

Before proceeding further, let me tell you the whole scenario:

The world has become a global village. Travelling to other countries for better job opportunities has become common. I was happy with my family in Ghana, but I was bored with my job. Even income was enough for our little family, including my wife and daughter. But still, I found that something is missing and I deserve a better job than this. So one day I was searching for some better job opportunities for me on the internet, luckily I found one.

It was a well-reputed company offering a better post and better income. So I applied there. They invited me for an interview. I went there, and luckily I got the job. I could not take my family with me at that time, but my wife was supportive. She asked me to take the job. I moved there and worked really hard at this new job.

So I had to send money to Ghana online. Here is what I did:

How I Explored internet to Find a Money Transfer Company?

There were a lot of options available on the internet to send money online. Some of them came up with bank transfer options. I could not use the bank transfer option as I did not have any bank account at that time. So I searched on the internet the best companies offering online money transfer services because these were safe and quick. Fortunately, there are a lot of online money transfer services providing companies.

How I Finally Choose a Money Transfer Service?

I compared different companies based on transferring fees they were charging and then shortlisted those suited my needs. Among all of them, ACE Money Transfer was among the best. They were providing services at high exchange rates and low transfer fees. They had good customer reviews and were ensuring the best services in the town.

Also send money to other countries like: Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda.

This is How I Transferred Money

After deciding the service provider, I talked to my wife and told her about the whole situation. Then I provided the complete detail to the service providing company. My money was transferred to Ghana. My wife visited the nearest location and received the money. So this was the whole story of how I sponsored my daughter’s medical expense in Ghana.


With many companies offering money transfer to Ghana, it was easy for me to help my family. I was much worried about starting, but now things have become changed. Living abroad away from my family is easy for me as I can support them financially. Now I regularly send money back to my family and help them. You can also consider ACE Money Transfer if you want to keep your family financially. Your money will be in safe hands.