How Online Money Transfer Has Revolutionized Personal Finance

Online money transfer has been optimized with Bank deposit , Cash pickup, Mobile money storage and home delivery (Remittances). Its just on the click of setting up your account, checking it out, following the guidance, and getting set go!!!! Your transfer has been approved and executed within seconds. You can easily send money to Nigeria through online money transfer services.

Money transfer to Nigeria is referred to as a global digital system purposed to make money transfer process faster and affordable with current economic needs. This online trade of balancing payments has really benefited personal finance. Online money transfer service is standing in front to give its part globally.

Role Of Online Money Transfer Services:

Online money transfer to Nigeria reflect a profound role in today’s economy and digital needs discussed as follows,

  1. It typically offers competitive rates and count as one of the safer methods. Money transfer firms usually handle all sorts of monetary transactions to anywhere in the world. 
  2. It’s a great option to Send Money to Over the world with no Hidden Fees, it can easily be sent through phone, Computers with 24/7 customer service. You can easily transfer the amount by paying from credit or debit card within minutes.
  3. The process is hassle free involving short procedures. All you have to do is go to the money transfer app, enter your recipient details and pay for the transaction. Companies like ACE Money Transfer have very easy processes of sending money through their Ace App.

It’s a great option to fulfill all economic needs of the home country to handle personal finance effectively as it’s the only choice of 21st century If you want a hassle-free and low-cost way to send money overseas.


Online Money Transfer provides you an easy form of daily budget i-e money coming in or going out monthly. Digital data is more cost-effective than other forms of recording. It works fast and saves time.

Advantages of Online Money Transfers:

Payment of utility bills: 

Almost all banks are offering this facility through online banking. You can conveniently pay your bills personally, excluding all extra charges and wastage of time.

Record your transactions: 

Online money transfer allows you to have quick access to your transaction data saved in your history.

Account to account money transfer: 

Online money transfer is confirmed to be done in one day to different accounts of the same bank. It may take another day if it’s the matter of two different banks.

Bank services on your phone by the mobile app:

Most of the banks provide their services through different apps for the transaction, balance checkup, money transfer, etc. You can use all these services at the ease of your home. 

All Nigerian branches of Access Bank Plc, Fidelity Bank Plc, First City Monument Bank, First Bank of Nigeria, Diamond Bank, Union Bank and more usually offering the same services having fast delivery time for online transfers within 15-30 minutes. If you are looking to send money abroad, you can opt for the best online money transfer service, ACE Money Transfer.

ACE provides cost effective and secure transactions accompanied by the best exchange rates. Using all of the afore mentioned advantages, you can save a lot of money and easily utilize the money for personal finance purposes. This clearly depicts the role of online money transfers in revolutionizing personal finance.