How Online Money Transfer Helped An Overseas During COVID 19 Pandemic?

Here is a story of an overseas who often send money to Ghana.

I have been living away from my country and family for a year now. I am working far away from my loved ones so that I can support them, feed them and fulfill their necessities. I have always been transferring money through traditional methods. But suddenly, life changed not only for me but almost everyone around the world. A global pandemic surrounded us, with the death count increasing. It was named COVID 19, and people claimed that it was deadly. An atmosphere of horror and depression took over. People were told to practice social distancing, but the death toll kept on increasing with a rather rapid effect as time passed. Then governments of countries announced lockdown.

How I Gave Online Money Transfer A Try?

From local money transfer offices to schools, every business was shut down. In such times even flights were cancelled, and airports were sealed. So in this pandemic, I was locked in the country, away from my home and loved ones. I need money transfer to Ghana to my family in an emergency, but the local office was closed. I knew that the money would take many days to get received by the recipient, so I was a bit worried. I called a friend in this tension, and he told me about an online money transfer system. He told me that online money transfer is the only solution to my problem. After a lot of discussions, I agreed and gave online money transfer a try, and it was indeed a blessing in disguise.

How Did I Research Before Sending Money?

I researched the whole process and opted for online money transfer to Ghana. I was surprised to see the ratings and read the reviews. It was evident that the online money transfer service providers were doing a commendable job, and people were delighted with their services. These online money service providers were winning millions of people’s hearts and trust through their excellent services.

I also opted for the highly recommended service provider to transfer my money. I checked their website. I created an account. Then I entered the recipient’s details, making sure that no spelling or digit mistake was made. After that, I checked the exchange rate and inquired about the transfer fee. After entering the amount of money that needed to be transferred, I read all the terms and conditions shown on my screen by the service provider. After doing that, I sent the money. I received the confirmation mail and message.

What Was The Outcome At The End Of Sending Money Online?

My family received money within the shortest time. I did not go to the banks in person. I did not have to wait in long lines. My money was transferred within 24 hours at my convenience through my mobile phone without any paperwork or lengthy process. A simple yet easy to understand process transferred my money not only safely but also quickly. To send money to Ghana online, the service was undoubtedly the best, and the SOPs were also safely followed. Now I knew that transferring money was not a headache anymore. It can be quickly done through your electrical devices by just clicking a button. It was easy and reliable.

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