How Online Money Transfer to Pakistan Can Save you & your Family in Covid-19 Pandemic?

A year ago, I went to work abroad. It was very probable to happen, but it happened previously. Even though I was working hard, I still need to provide a lot of financial support to my family. Due to COVID 19, several people have lost their current jobs. Months earlier, my brother also lost his job in Pakistan. So, my family asked me for more support just last week. The first challenge was how to send money to Pakistan in a reliable way.

I am among those few percent of people who had never sent money abroad but once needed, I panicked. Curious, I checked many articles online, and none of them was most helpful.

  • I wasn’t always able to aid in such matters.
  • I am writing this article to help you guys, understand, and know the money transfer service steps.
  • Sending money is not difficult when you understand the procedure.

I’m going to explain how to move money abroad step-by-step, how long it takes, the choices you have, and the best way to avoid high charges.

How to do Registration as a Customer?

This part is as crucial as it would sound, my mom told me that a few money transfer companies would need to make this move. The only thing you need to do is:

  • A simple ID test is required for all new clients.
  • It is a legal necessity based on financial regulations.
  • This just needs to be done once.
  • In most cases, an ID search can be performed simply using your name, address, and passport number.

What you need to Lock-in to the Exchange Rates?

Every money transfer service has a different rate of exchange. How to get the best exchange rate depends on your situation? I’ve broken down the best ways based on the three key circumstances when people exchange money:

Best exchange rates for foreign transfers – Look at money transfer companies that specialize in providing mid-market rates with some somewhat-checking that the fees you pay are good enough to justify it.

The best way to exchange money in the UK – When your money transfer company works abroad, it could be where to find the best exchange rate before packing your bags.

Let me get back on the point that what exactly is the process of rate exchange.

  • You can get your transfer underway after you’ve registered.
  • Whenever you’re ready, your financial institution or the money transfer company will quote your current market price.
  • Nothing is going to happen without your permission.
  • If you’re ready to go ahead, your rate will be locked in, and you’ll get a confirmation email with all the specifics of your transfer.

How Your Money Has Been Transferred and Sent Out?

  • Your financial transaction company will give you lots of details about where you are sending your money.
  • After your money has been deposited, your money transfer company must translate your money into the currency required and move it to the bank account you demanded.

This is all of it.

Believe me, the realistic approach of online money transfer is a lot simpler and faster to execute and has helped me send money in days.