How Online Transaction Makes It Possible To Transfer Your Money Abroad?

In an early age, you see your parents doing the money transfer from their bank account. Their whole day got to spend on the transaction process, and in the end, they are talking about the transaction delays, high fee and how their recipient can meet the urgent requirements. In this article, you will find methods that enable you to send money to Bangladesh and all factors related to it.

Now you got to worry when it comes to you to transfer money from your bank account. Not, when you are searching online for methods to transfer money from your bank account, you shout woohoo.

Methods are evolving now, and there are faster methods. You are telling your parents that the transaction delays and high fees are the matter of one or two decades ago. Now you can send money in minutes from your bank account.

Methods to Transfer Money From Your Bank Account


  • Transfer money from your bank account
  • If both Accounts are yours
  • Account to cash transfer

It is an ideal option that a bank can help you to transfer money from your bank account. Banks charge plenty of fees to send money to another bank account. They may delay the Transaction at least a whole week.

The exchange rate you got is remarkably lower than the inter-bank exchange rate. As a result, your recipient will get little money then you send. However, every bank has its policy to charge a fee and to give exchange rates.

Use it or not?

The first thing that might get skipped, or you do not know, for doing a money transfer from one bank to another, it is better if you and your recipient use the same financial institution.

Otherwise; if you and your recipient bank account in the different financial the institution, it will cost you more than usual when transferring money to another person’s bank account.

When it comes to both accounts are yours, you must link both for taking Linked bank account advantages. But there is also the situation is you can only connect accounts if both are in the same financial institution.

Like it takes a long time to complete a transaction, low exchange rate, and a high fee. Not only that all financial institutions could not supervise this sort of Transaction.


A cheque is also another way that helps you to transfer money from your bank account. A Cheque is like a paper form that you must fill to transfer money to another person. Cheque info includes some of the recipient info and the receiver info. You mail the cheque to another recipient.

It takes many days with an estimate of more than one and a half weeks. You can say it is the least cost way that only you have to pay a little to send a cheque and your recipient nothing.

Here is a tip while sending it never to write something on enveloping that someone can identify that there is a cheque inside.

Why Choose Online Money Transfers Services

It is a fast method, as stated earlier. Online money transfer services are helping people to send money in minutes. They are charging a meagre fee. And providing a higher exchange rate.

Their exchange rate is closer to the mid-market rate or inter-bank exchange rate. Although, every money transfer service has its fee charges and exchange rates.

Money transfer service providers have many money operators working worldwide. A sender goes to a money transfer operator to send money. In the same order, the recipient goes directly to the equal money transfer provider’s operator location in their country to pick up cash.

How money transfer services help you to send money?

Money transfer service helps you to transfer money from your bank account in a quick way. Register yourself or create an account with public service. Start your Transaction by choosing a country from where you want to send and from where you are sending.

After that, select a pay-out partner (bank, money transfer provider location, or agent location) present in the recipient country. After that enter amount to send. Add some recipient details. Give proper detail as required. While creating your account, do not get anonymous.

Now the central part, while selecting a payment method, select the online bank transfer method. It will deduct an amount from your bank account and send it to your recipient as you want. You can send money as the cash pick up and the bank transfer.

Before you send money online, it is the money on the screen and once you hit the send button on a secure money transfer website such as ACE Money Transfer the money goes out into the internet as coded data, and once it is received by the recipient’s bank or service, its decoded and deposited as currency.

For your recipient, if you send money as the cash pick up, your recipient must go the money transfer operator or agent location to pick up.

If the sender sends money to you for the bank transfer, then money automatically goes directly to the recipient bank account. For the bank transfer purpose, the sender needs some information about the recipient bank and bank account.