How Online Transactions Helped Sending Money to Nigeria During Covid-19 Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic keeps affecting the way people worldwide live their everyday lives. Both social distancing and calls to stay at home to prevent possible interactions have intended reconsidering how you embrace daily tasks, including managing your finances. Amid impact caused, money transfer companies have urged customers to take benefits of internet, digital and telephone money transfer services rather than branch visits. No matter you want to send money to Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, or anywhere else, read everything in detail and do not send money without confirmation that you have added correct information of the receiver.

While mobile and online money transfer apps bring comfort, one should be very careful while adding sensitive information in the online portals. Any mistake could take your cash throughout that already turbulent time. At the same time, choose a reliable money transfer company to get the best out of your hard-earned money. If you want to send money online, you must be 100 per cent sure that it is delivered to the right person at the right time.

How to Learn the Security Protocols for Your Money Transfer Company?

Realizing what initiatives your service provider has in place to protect you is the first step in keeping your internet data safe amid coronavirus concerns — and even beyond.

Whether you need money transfer to Nigeria or any other country, money transfer companies can enforce numerous levels of digital protection such as:

  • Authentication of Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Instant firewall
  • Virus protection and anti-malware applications
  • Routing protocols

And any other safety protocol that seems fit.

Unaccompanied, this could act as strong protection against attackers who may attempt to break into your account information. If you’re not sure what your chosen money transfer company is doing to safeguard your online data against threats of coronavirus theft, first search the website or app. And, if it’s not immediately clear, don’t wish to consult the company to find out what security guarantees are in place.

Can You Put Work On Sign-Ups While Sending Money Online?

Online security of your account that has all the sensitive information provides an extra layer to you. It would be great if your selected money transfer company always sign out your account after no activity in five minutes. With these standards, the chances of security can be maximum. It enables you to access your app across all devices you use.

Do not share your details on the phone or via text with anyone, and remember that your company should not ask your secret information. Do supervise who has access to devices and consider using location coordinates or bio-metric data for unsupervised locking.

Is Online Money Transfer a Hassle-Free Process for Nigerians?

Let’s share you a story of an overseas Nigerian.

Being a Nigerian working in the United Kingdom as a cashier in a restaurant having the responsibility of 5 younger siblings and poor parents, I always feel muddle when it’s time to transfer money to Nigeria, I have to visit the money transfer firms, waiting for their long procedures, making time out of my job hours. When the money is transferred, a heavy fee is snipped in between on the name of the transfer fee. 

My family also has to wait long for the transaction of money, and the situation becomes so tensed when they receive half of the expected money. Same goes with me. I spend double shifts so that I can make money that can meet family’s expenditure. But such money transfer services and their turtle speed procedures ruin my money and time. 

Seeing all this messed and heavy situation, my boss suggests to use an online money transfer service. He stated that online money transfer to Nigeria is easy, convenient, fast, reliable, and cheap money transfer service.  

What are the Common Features of Online Money Transfer Service?

I just searched about the service and came to know about the following remarkable features that are for real:

  • Quick transfer of money
  • Instantaneous transaction process
  • Low remittance service
  • Simple and easy procedure
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Multiple transaction methods
  • Many transfers option
  • Wide network
  • Globally connecting money transfer companies

All these superb features are for real and are provided by online money transfer. Moreover, I then got to know about ACE Money Transfer that is the platform delivering all these features as the best services to their customers. ACE Money Transfer is winning the trust of customers from the past almost 18 years and delivering their promises.

Is It Simple and Easy to Send Money Via ACE Money Transfer?

Sending money through ACE Money Transfer was an effortless task as it can be done in a few simple steps given below.

  • To send money, first get yourself registered on the website of ACE or download the mobile application of ACE.
  • Then enter your details.
  • After the necessary filling, verify your email address by clicking on the link sent through the provided email.
  • Add the amount of money that you wish to transfer.
  • Then provide the recipient’s name, address, and phone number.
  • After that, select a convenient method for easy pickup of cash.
  • In the end, easily pay money using a bank account, a credit, or a debit card.

If you encounter any ambiguity in the process, then connect to the team of ACE. When your money is transferred my recipient successfully, and I get informed through a notification and receives it in a few minutes of the activity so, ACE has this fast service.


Online money transfer services through ACE Money Transfer have helped me. They took me out of all the hassle processes of the conventional money transfer method. If you are also stuck in any such kind of situation and can relate with my story immediately turn your way to online money transfer service using the platform of ACE Money Transfer.