How Overseas Pakistanis Play an Important Role in Supporting Country’s Economy?

Pakistan is the fifth most populous country in the world. According to the 2018 census population has exceeded 212.2 million. Research stated that approximately 8.8 million nationals are living abroad to earn money and to provide a better lifestyle to their families living in Pakistan.

Pakistani government estimates that almost 1.26 million people out of those 8.8 million overseas Pakistanis are currently living in UK. This also makes Pakistanis the second largest ethnic community living in UK. These Pakistanis are a big part of the system and play a crucial role in supporting the Pakistani economy.

Pakistan receives a total remittance of US $ 21.84 billion out of which $1.639 billion is received from the British Pakistanis.

Those 1.26 million Pakistanis who are living in UK are using different methods for money transfer to Pakistan. Most of them are facing problems with the methods or mediums they are using for this purpose. In this article, we will discuss the different methods that are used for money transfer and also the benefits and faults in them.

Conventional Methods:

In the early ’90s, almost everyone used conventional methods to send money to Pakistan. Most of them faced problems and complained about the slow transfer process. These complaints kept on increasing, and no one was there to resolve all their problems. Many problems in this process caused people to move to some other method for money transfer.

Send Money to Pakistan from UK Using Online Money Transfer Service

Was your son’s school fee not submitted on time due to the lengthy money transfer process? Are you facing problems while using the old and conventional methods? If YES then you must read this article because it might be beneficial for you also, this article has a solution to all your problems regarding the money transfer to Pakistan.

The total the population of Pakistan is 212.7 million according to 2018 census done by the government of Pakistan. According to research, Pakistanis are the second most populous ethnic community living in UK. Most of the Pakistani’s are living abroad so that they can earn handsome money to provide a better lifestyle to their children and their family living in Pakistan.

What Were the Problems That People Faced While Using Conventional Methods?

The main problem was about the wastage of time because the procedure which was to be followed was lengthy and difficult. A person who wants to send money to Pakistan by using conventional methods would have to go to the agency or company and then waste time there in filling the long transfer forms and then standing in long lines for the submission of those transfer forms and the money.

Then after all this if your money has been transferred to Pakistan the problem does not end here, the recipient’s issues start because now he/she cannot choose the cash pickup location his/her own choice, they have to go to the mentioned places or other offices to receive cash.

The cash transfer process was also not fast, I took many days to transfer money to Pakistan, and then you were able to receive that. You have to pay hefty transfer charges, and these charges are almost 10% of the amount you wish to send.

How Online Money Transfer Helped Them with the Right Solution?

After facing all these problems, people were looking for a solution. They were looking for a platform that could provide all the necessary services at one platform. Now the question is that is there any such platform? Is there any solution to all these problems? The answer is YES, there is a rock-solid solution, and that is the online money transfer service.

Online money transfer service provides you with the best amalgam of assistance options. Let us discuss its benefits and some unbelievably excellent services that it allows for its customers.

Online money transfer service saves a lot of our time because its money transfer process is not too lengthy. It does not charge you a costly transfer fee. Its transfer fee is affordable and very low. You do not have to visit any place.

Is Online Money Transfer Just Needs an Internet Connection and A Smartphone?

For your money transfer, you need an internet connection and a mobile phone and a little knowledge of the process of how to use this service that’s all you need to send money to Pakistan. Your money Is transferred in just a few minutes to Pakistan from UK. These are some of the benefits that other methods of money transfer do not provide to the customers.

What are you waiting for, if you are still not using online money transfer service then shift to this reliable service today and enjoy the best options with a lot of benefits?

Many service providers transfer money to Pakistan so, choose the best one wisely. There are different methods to do it like you can check the reviews and the rating of the app before using that app. This is the easiest and simplest way to choose the best online money transfer service.

For online money transfer to Pakistan, you do not have to wait for days and weeks anymore. Neither you need to pay massive fees for this purpose. Just connect to the excellent service of online transfer and get the best options all at one platform in no time.

Which Methods Are Used To Send Money To Pakistan?

There are many methods of sending money to Pakistan. In the early 90’s most of the people living abroad used conventional methods for their money transfer to Pakistan. These traditional methods included bank cheques, bank drafts, or sending money through a money agent and by many other ways.

With the advancement in the technology, a new method that was completely different from all other methods was introduced or launched known as the online money transfer service. With time people shifted towards the online money transfer service instead of using that old and time-consuming conventional methods.

People who were using conventional methods have to face a lot of problems while sending money to Pakistan from UK. Some of the issues were like they have to waste a lot of their precious time because of the filling of lengthy money transfer forms and then submitting those forms in banks along with the money you want to transfer.

Secondly, you have to pay heavy money transfer fee that is almost 10% of the total amount you are sending to Pakistan. After the transfer process now, you have to wait for 2 to 3 days for the money to be transferred to your family. Also, the recipient has to face a lot of problems while receiving your transferred money through conventional methods.

What are the Benefits of Online Money Transfer Service for Pakistan?

There are a lot of benefits of online money transfer service, and some of them are discussed below:

It saves a lot of your precious time because if you are using this method, you do not have to go outside your home or to bank, you need a mobile phone and an internet connection to transfer your money to all over the world. Its money transfer fee is very low and cheap it is affordable. Your precious money is transferred in just 10 minutes to Pakistan.

Recipient can choose the nearest cash pick up the location of his/her own choice. There is also a multiple currency exchange option available for the ease of the customer.

Most of the people have already shifted to online money transfer service because it is reliable, and your money is transferred without any hindrance. So, what are you waiting for if you are still not using this amazing service then quickly shift to online money transfer service to enjoy and experience its magical services that are all available at one platform? You can download the online money transfer app through google play store and by checking the ratings and comments of the people who have experienced that app, you can choose the best one.

Wrap up:

As you use new tools and techniques in your daily life chores similarly, it is a great idea to use better and developed processes to send money to Pakistan online. Advancements are introduced to increase the comfort level of people, and so this must be used. The use of technology will not only make the process more comfortable but also helpful in times of emergency.