How Remittance Trends Can Improve Nigeria’s economy?

The burden less trend to send money globally has made money transfer feasible. The highest remittance record was in 2018 according to the World Bank.

Nigeria is a country of West Africa. And to send money to Nigeria through online money transfer is uncomplicated and easy to go process these days.

And as other underdeveloped and developing countries remittance sending through online money transfer is high to this area.

Many organizations like ACE Money Transfer are helping people to send money home easily.

How To Send Money Online To Nigeria?

The world has become a global village now. And to send money globally is far beyond trouble-free procedure now than it ever had been.

People have moved to different parts of the world for better-earning opportunities. And for providing their families with a good and better lifestyle.

For this purpose, the people living overseas send money home online. And this online money transfer is the best possible way of sending money.

It helps to transfer money securely and with safety to their loved ones in the homeland country. These online services are provided by banks and different money transfer organizations.

The money transfers providers’ online organizations like “ACE Money Transfer” offer minimum fees and best exchange rates than the banks.

And thus these companies are pocket-friendly and facile for the overseas people in remittance sending.

What is the Best Way to Send money to Nigeria?

One can send money online easily to any individual or family member in Nigeria through money transfer service providers.

These service providers follow a trustful, unsuspecting and uncritical online transfer.

The money transfer to Nigeria is usually available 24/7 online. Money from anywhere can be sent to Nigeria by quick and easy procedure at best exchange rates and fees.

The points that should be considered while money transferring to Nigeria are as follow:

  • The fee for sending remittance to Nigeria
  • Exchange rates offered by the companies or online service providers for money transfer
  • The availability of sender currency exchange to the local currency of the receiver or not
  • Availability of cash pickup or not
  • Cash pickup points for the receiver to be near or far
  • The time required to send money
  • How urgent the receiver is required to receive the money?

All these are the major points for noticing while sending money online and specifically for sending money to Nigeria as it is the topic of concern in this article.

Remittance Trends to Send Money Online:

According to the World Bank’s press release on 8th April 2019, it was stated that the remittance to Sub-Saharan Africa grew almost 10 percent to 46 billion US dollars in the year of 2018.

It has been supported by strong economic conditions in high-income economies.

In the countries where remittances have made a large share in GDP, Nigeria is one of the countries of West Africa.

A lot of Nigerians are living overseas and are working hard for their families and loved ones.

The overseas Nigerians intern, makeup large contribution towards the economic conditions of their country by sending remittance to the homeland which makes a large share in GDP (gross domestic production) of Nigeria.

This share made by the overseas Nigerian helps to build the economy and makes it better with time.

Online Money transfer through ACE Money Transfer:

ACE Money Transfer is a reputable money transfer provider company based in the United Kingdom.

It sends money globally and is helping people overseas to send remittance or transfer money online.

The agency has made its position among the trustworthy names of money transfer online services.

And because of its great services and cheap charges. Also ACE provides the competitive services as promised to the customer up to the mark.

Sending money to Nigeria through ACE Money Transfer:

ACE Money Transfer has its services of sending money to Nigeria through 26 countries of the World. The customer gets the following benefits by using ACE Money Transfer:

  • The process of registration on the ACE website or app is easy to go with
  • The process of sending money by the sender online is simple and fast
  • The fee for sending money charged by ACE is lowest
  • ACE has the best exchange rates shown daily on the website or app and keeps changing daily
  • The money transfers in a short time (four working hours) to the account of the receiver
  • It is a cheap way to send money to Nigeria online
  • The services of ACE are safe and secure
  • 24/7 customer service is available
  • Very good customer and support provided
  • Instant cash pickup service is available

The cash pickup points in Nigeria are the bank’s branches. These bank branches are present in various numbers. The names in Nigeria are:

United Bank of Africa, Guaranty Trust Bank in Nigeria, Access Bank in Nigeria, Diamond Bank in Nigeria & First Bank of Nigeria etc.


The services of online money transfer, overall the world, has increased. And the experience of money transfer is becoming better and better with time.

Money sending or remittance trends to Nigeria from all over the world by Nigerian people has also become uncritical procedure.

Many options regarding the purpose of sending money to Nigeria online are available.

These money transfer service providers online are safe and secure, convenient and easy, fast and basic.

Among these companies, ACE Money Transfer has become a recognized one and offers its best services to send money globally to the receiver anywhere.

These services can be available for people of Nigeria present in any part of the world. People anywhere in the world receive money sent by their loved ones.

Nigerian people also get remittance money at home easily from any pickup location and quickly. The ACE has made the online transfer services for both the sender and receiver very easy.