How Sending Money Is Way Easier Than Ever?

Online money transfer is a great way to send money to Ghana in the world of remittance. Undoubtedly, this is a unique yet secure money transfer service. You do not need to worry about the lengthy and complicated process of remittance, as many reputed companies are proudly offering state of the art services to the customers. Their round the clock customer services make sure that your money is not just sent but also received/picked up by the beneficiary with convenience.

The whole process of sending money to your loved ones is hassle-free. You can send money online using your Debit Card, Credit Card or Bank Account easily. Some of the prominent benefits of online money transfer are that it is cost-effective due to higher exchange rates. This helps a sender to send a large amount to the receiver. Aside from this, this involves less fee too mostly.

What Steps to Follow Involving Money Transfer to Ghana?

All you need to do is make an account with a few easy steps.

  1. Sign UP

Create your online money transfer account with the help of a reputed company, such as ACE Money Transfer. Their process of registration is quick and easy. You only need to enter your necessary details, to begin with. You can always contact their customer support team if you may require any assistance.

  1. Beneficiary

Tell about the person to whom you want to send the money by entering the required details in our system.

  1. Send Money

Complete your transaction with confidence. ACE Money Transfer is a one-stop solution to assist while fetching payments from your Debit Card, Credit Card or Bank Account

What are the Popular Money Receiving Methods in Ghana?

  1. Mobile Wallet

A mobile wallet is a virtual wallet and is highly popular for remittance in Ghana. The best part is that it stores the information of a card on a mobile device. This is an easier and suitable way for Ghanaian senders to send payments that can be received by the receiver listed with the service provider of that mobile wallet.

  1. Bank Deposit

The quick and safe method of money transfer is electronic. You can transfer your money to the bank account of your family and friends. Due to the need of sending money with more security, bank transfer can be done within 24 hours. Your money will be transferred within the promised time of company.

  1. Instant Cash Payment

If you are looking to send money to Ghana online on an urgent basis, cash pick up service can be relied on for this country. Your beneficiary can collect the cash in a matter of moments if you are choosing a reputed company.

What is the Importance of Competitive Exchange Rate in the Market?

Choosing online money transfer means you will mostly get the best exchange rate comparing to other remittance methods. A reliable company is always committed to giving their customers a platform where they get the most out of their money. Once you have enjoyed the unique rate, you will be amazed to see that our transfer fee is also very low for money transfer to Ghana. Combining these two main factors of remittance, online money transfer can take care of customers.


How to Send Money Safely?

It is essential to use a trustworthy company when it comes to handing over your money. ACE Money Transfer fulfills all the legal requirements, needed to handle, exchange, and transfer your hard-earned valuable. The system is watertight, and the method is simple. You are guaranteed that your money will be sent through legal channels to make sure there is no discrepancy. You may contact their customer support team anytime if you require any assistance.


Can You Check Your Data After the Completed Transaction?

Once your online money transfer to Ghana has been received by your beneficiary, you will be able to view your record anytime you like. Your data will be protected as per the GDPR laws with a secure platform. You may also check your data if you need it.

How to Transfer Money to Ghana Quickly and Easily?

With robust compliance and a unique method, you experience a safe and secure money transfer with ACE Money Transfer. You can make your choice out of multiple ways to send money online, and they will ensure that the process is much easy, smooth and take a few minutes to complete the transfer.

Is Receiving Money in Ghana Easy?

Receiving money in Ghana is very easy and smooth with the latest trends in the remittance industry. If you are using only the verified channels and transparent methods, then it allows you to enjoy the services again and again. Verified companies always help the Ghanaian expats to send money without any hassle and worries to their family and friends.


When you need to send money to family members back to your homeland in Ghana in such a way that money delivered quickly with a secure and reliable channel then, let yourself experience with a secure money transfer service.

What Distinguishes ACE Money Transfer from the Rest?

ACE Money Transfer offers a Quick, secure, and cost-effective way to send money online to Ghana, by paying attention to its customers that. With the trust of the customers with our reliable and timely services across UK & EEA states, this company has earned a large customer base.

If you are using an online money transfer service, then they often not charge any hidden charges. No fee should be charged at the payout side. Use one, that always offer attractive and best exchange rates and assure you of a quick and secure way to send money.


Transfer money online to help out your family and friends, as this faster service has made it easy, safe and quick to do so. With that, it usually takes a few minutes to set up the entire transfer. You can transfer your amount through a webpage or using a high rated money transfer app available in App Store and Android.