How Sub-Sahara African Countries Manage To Keep Flow Of Remittance Amid Pandemic?

Would you believe Gambian diasporas send money to Gambia from abroad was an average of £229.40  million in 2019? One out of every five citizens in Africa sends or receives foreign remittances. Remittances to Africa have roughly tripled since 2009, and they now account for more than 5% of GDP in 15 African countries. Foreign workers sent about $85 billion to relatives on the continent in 2019.

The expected drop in remittances to African countries would be less severe than anticipated. In April, the World Bank expected a 23.1 per cent decrease in remittances to Sub-Saharan African countries this year due to economic shocks following the Covid-19 pandemic. The bank’s revised forecasts, on the other hand, paint a more optimistic picture.

Remittances to the area are expected to fall by 9% in 2020 and 6% in 2021, respectively. According to those figures, overall money transfer to Gambia with other Sub-Saharan Africa will be about $44 billion this year, down from $48 billion last year. According to the latest World Bank forecasts, remittances to low and middle-income countries will decline by 7% in 2020 and a further 7.5 per cent in 2021, relative to 2019 levels.

What Is The Policy To Work Visa To European Countries For Citizens Of Sub-Saharan Africa?

Many European countries are passing legislation to make detaining and deporting migrants easier. After increasing pressure from within the government and the public, the German government decided in July 2018 to tighten immigration controls. The migrant transit processing center will be phased out in favor of a scheme in which the police handle all transit matters directly.

Migrants are people who have left their home country to live in another country. Migrants have a special status among them, giving them immunity from persecution and threats at home. Economic migrants are people who have left their home country to send money to Gambia online. They may be forced to return home if they reach third countries illegally.

There are legal choices for Gambians that you might not be aware of. As many EU states change their policies to discourage people from entering and living in their country without a visa, migration to Europe for Gambian irregular migrants is likely to become more complex.

How Expatriates Send Hard-Earned Money Back To Home Countries?

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