How to add balance in Senegal mobile sim while living abroad?

Do you know how to send money to Senegal? This article will be your best guide as far as the know-how about adding balance in a Senegal SIM card while living outside of Senegal is concerned, which is a West African country. 

Before we throw light on how to add balance in a sim in Senegal, it is appropriate that we understand  what is a sim card and how does it work.

SIM card:- SIM is an abbreviation for Subscriber Identity Module.  A SIM card is a chip through which a mobile connects with the local or international mobile network after the SIM card is placed inside a phone. There are the following two basic SIM types.

Prepaid SIM:- With this card you can add balance to  your SIM any time and keep using it as you go. The balance keeps depleting over time and with usage and when it ends, you can recharge it again or add even if the previous balance is still there. It is a convenient option for most of the people, particularly for international travellers. 

Postpaid SIM:- In this, you keep using the services of a particular mobile network and make payments for that at the end of the month through a bill. There are different packages which are offered in this on the basis on which usage is fixed and bills generated. 

Let’s now take a look at a few advantages of using a SIM card.

  • For its usage, no internet connection is required;
  • You can connect with your loved ones at any given point in time;
  • You do not have to pay roaming charges;
  • Different text and call, as well as data packages, are available at cheap rates;
  • Provision of call forwarding facility;
  • Convenience to call in emergencies;
  • Plenty of mobile apps can be used with the data plans offered;
  • Turn out to be cheaper and more economical than a postpaid SIM card connection; and
  • You can cancel it as and when you see fit.

Now, let’s take a look at a few famous mobile networks operating across Senegal.

Orange:- It is the largest mobile network catering to the needs of over half the users of mobile networks across Senegal. It is a product by Sonatel. About 99% of the users in Senegal subscribe to prepaid mobile services.

Free Senegal:- This network was previously known as Tigo  run by Sentel GSM, which was a subsidiary of Millicom. It is the second largest operator in Senegal.

Expresso:– It is third largest mobile network operator in Senegal owned by Expresso Telecom Group based in Dubai. 

Here is a look at how you can add balance to the phone in Senegal from abroad. 

Different companies offer different mechanisms but, by and large, those mechanisms will consist of the following steps.

  • Choose the airtime service from a given list either on the website of the company whose services you are using or on its mobile app;
  • Enter the correct mobile number of the beneficiary you wish to send the balance to;
  • Choose the amount you want to send;
  • ACE is the only company which highly recommends its users to go through all the steps you have taken so far to remove errors if there are any before you proceed;
  • Once you are done with these processes, hit send to execute transaction;
  • As soon as the mobile top-up is complete, the sender and  the recipient will be notified through an SMS alert. 

Conclusion:- A thorough study of what a SIM card is, its advantages and a look at the few mobile operators in Senegal have given us a deep insight into the topic under discussion, and we have also learnt that sending a mobile balance to a mobile in Senegal is easy from anywhere around the world and convenient particularly if the service of ACE Money Transfer are availed of.