How To Avoid Common Scams Related When Sending Money?

For the last few years, it is much easier to send money to Nigeria.

Thanks to the latest methods through which one can send money to Nigeria onlinepeople can now carry out transactions with ease and convenience. Several commendable service providers like ACE Money Transfer in the market have made the process extremely simple and hassle-free for their clients. 

On the one hand, this means that people living abroad can now rely on the online money transfer system to send money to their loved ones and family members back home. But at the same time, there are some blackfish in the market that misuse this opportunity and scam people. The people are robbed of their hard-earned money and sometimes have to incur substantial monetary losses. 

What Are The Common Scams Related To Money Transfers?

Here are a few of the most common scams related to money transfer, you should be aware of so that you do not fall prey to such dirty tactics:

Online Shopping:

There are many fake online stores. These scammers show customers attractive products and grab their attention. Once the customers are lured in, these sellers ask the naïve customers to transfer money to them. As soon as the customers send cash through the money transfer service, either the product never reaches them, and the seller disappears, or the product shipped is of low quality. 

Lotteries and Prize Money:

Another common way of scamming people through money transfer service is to call innocent people and tell them that they have won a lottery or prize money. The amount one has won is usually very high. This way, the customers become interested in the deal. On the other end, the person demands that he is sent some money through an online money transfer so that the prize can be guaranteed. People send money and never receive the amount that they have been promised. So when you need money transfer to Nigeria, always choose a reputed company.

Online Dating:

This type of scam is pulled pretty much the same way as the online shopping one. Innocent people are catfished, and they start dating someone online. Their seemingly genuine and loyal online lovers are not as simple and straightforward as they may seem to be. After a few weeks of dating, they ask the people to send money online as they face some financial crisis or difficulty. The people, madly in love, send the money. This amount can be a small one or, in some cases, can also add up to be a lot. As soon as the online lovers receive the money, the love disappears, and so does the lover. This not only leaves the person sending the money heartbroken but also robs him of his precious and hard-earned money. 

Fake Charities:

Another way through which people are scammed and asked to send money abroad is through fake charities. It is common for people to receive calls from these “established” NGOs and charities working for noble causes. They ask the people for charities, and people out of the goodness of their hearts send them money. But in reality, they are nothing but fake scammers that take the money and never put it to fair use. 

For the online money transfer to Nigeria, consider a reputed company.