How to Calculate the Exact Cost When Sending Money to Your Loved Ones?

send money to Ghana

Advancements and modernization in the era have directly affected the trend to send money globally. Previously, people were stuck to only a few options for international money transfer.

But now different companies and agents are providing efficient services to the customers, for the best transfer experience. Ghana is an African State, located in the Gulf of Guinea. Similar to other states of the continent, the GDP of Ghana is recorded to be delegating for many years.

A huge population has migrated from Ghana to other countries so that they can earn for their families and loved ones. But when it comes to international transfers, many companies and banks charge higher rates from the people.

They provide marked-up exchange rates and add unnecessary charges in your transaction solely to earn more profits. We value your money as much as you do. Thereby, here are some tips that will help you in saving your money by finding an economical company for your transfer.

Avoid Using Banks: Banks are accused of charging varied exchange rates, along with higher service charges.

No doubt, their services are efficient, but due to the increasing competition in this industry, many people have shifted their transfer accounts from banks to different money transfer companies or money agents.

Look at the Exchange Rates: Exchange rates are considered as a major constituent factor whenever you send money online. Most of the additional payments are charged in the disguise of currency exchange rates.

Before making a money transfer, always look upon the current rates and check if your provider is offering the same rate or are there some variations?

Money Transfer To Ghana

Many online companies and pages have “Exchange Rate Calculator/Tool” at their websites, which can help you in calculating the exact cost of your transfer.

Timing Matters: On special events, holidays and religious festivities, the transfer rate is elevated notably. You may have to pay extra service charges to send your money to Ghana online in all such conditions.

Other than this, in normal routine, most of the transfers are made in the first 10 and last 5 days of a month. The workload on companies may affect the credibility and speed of your payment transfer.

To avoid this, schedule your transfers in-advance, and transfer your payments by keeping a safe margin of at least a week. It will help you in sending the right amount to the right person, at the right time!

IMT providers: Choosing your IMT provider is as crucial as the safety of your proceeding. A lot of companies charge additional payments, marked up exchange rates and unnecessary service charges to send your money.

Ace Money Transfers can help you in overseas transfer by giving the most reliable service along with optimized exchange rates. Their immediate services allow the customers to transfer payments within seconds.

Send money to Ghana online – Some Tips to Follow.

Ghana is the country of Africa, where a lot of people wants to move to developed countries. Many people from Ghana are moving to foreign countries. They are working hard and also to get things righteously.

They are hard-working to make their luck and to get the beauty of life. To raise their living standards, the people who live abroad send money back to their country. If you want to send money to Ghana, then you should follow the given ways:

International Debit cards Services For Online Money Transfer

One can quickly transfer money to Ghana with the help of debit/credit cards as well. The followings are the options:

ACE Money Transfer The Best Option for Online Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer is one of the most famous companies that have a presence in more than 70 countries. This company is secure and fast. People do rely on the company so easily.

They also have an association with so many banks, so that the recipient can send money without any trouble.

Moreover, adjusting the charges is also a thing which adds up in their integrity. Along with ace money transfer the transaction can be done in just a few seconds. One can rely on this company to send money to Ghana online.

Payoneer Card An Alternative Option Of Money Transfer

This is a famous company that is offering online services in many countries of the world. They are available online, and the card which this company issue can also be utilized easily. One can send the money with the help of this card so easily.

This company is based in New York, but its services are available in many countries. One can use this company to send money easily as they are growing well, and they are performing well. The deductions charges should be asked before sending money with the help of this card.

PayPal Card Method of Sending Money Online

PayPal is also a helpful card which is ready for the people to make things well. This is a famous company in the world, and they have so many other species as well. Along with this company, money transfer is possible in Ghana.

As the company is famous, so it is secure to send money with this company. One need to follow the simple procedure that is allowed to get this card and which is available for making the righteous efforts.

Interbank option:

If you are living in such areas where you can find out a bank that also has a subsidy so you can send money online easily.

People can send money with the options of interbank transfer if the bank is resided in Ghana and also in the country where you are living. So in this way you can easily send the money.

How to Send Money With This Method?

To send money with the help of the interbank transfer, you must activate the internet banking from the website of the bank. Now you should have some balance in your bank account.

After that, you have to add the information of the recipient to whom you have to send the money. After this thing, you can make sure and confirm your transaction.

It will take place on the spot, and you will get a notification. Your recipient will also get a notification with this service. As the recipient will withdraw the money, you will again get a notification.

Benefits of Interbank Transfer:

One can send money with this service easily anywhere if the bank has a subsidy in both countries. Because this is the best service which will make the feel of comfort for everyone.

In this way, it is easier to make money transfer anytime when you want. It is the secure method of sending money to Africa as well.

Zelle Application:

This service is best for sending money. It requires the availability of both banks, i.e., the sender and the receiver both banks should be listed with Zelle application.

It can add the data by both banks, and after that, one can send money with the help of this application. It can send money with high speed and also it is available for android and Apple both users. But you must check that if the banks are listed with Zelle or not.

Process of using Zelle Application for Money Transfer:

This application requires a user to make an Id. After that, the detail of the bank should be added so that the money can be available for transfer.

Following the pattern, the person should add the data of the recipient. The recipient details should be checked, and money will be sent to him.

After that, the receiver will receive the notification. To receive the money, it is necessary to enter the details of his bank.

One can send money to anywhere in the world by using the above options. These are not limited to Ghana only, but money can be sent to anywhere by using the options mentioned above.

But you must need to make sure the charges that are required so that it will not be troublesome afterwards.

The time of delivery should also be noted to get save without any trouble. However, making research is also needed and helpful in this required.