How to cancel a debit card in the UK?

Did you know how to cancel a debit card in the UK? In this article, we will talk about the process of cancelling a debit card in the United Kingdom. The need to cancel debit cards as well as certain payments can arise anytime. And this need intensifies when you are in the middle of a foreign country.

People from the Gambia and other African countries go to England to try their lucks for better job opportunities and to send money to Gambia. Higher education in England is another big attraction for people from around the world due to the country being host to the world’s best educational institutions.

After finding work in the UK, the expatriates from the Gambia send money to the Gambia to their families through one of the world’s best online money transfer companies such as ACE to help them live a financially comfortable life.

Any expatriate in the UK can come across any trouble anytime in terms of making payments online. We know that the West is rapidly shifting to online banking practices and plastic currencies, which are fast transforming into virtual currencies such as cryptocurrency. Imagine hitting the proceed button on a transaction through your debit card and realizing shortly afterwards that you had entered the wrong details or there was a mistake in the account number or name, etc., of the one you wanted to send money to! What option do you have? This question troubles many expatriates. This piece will answer this question in detail.

Debit card:- A debit card has the facility of direct fund deduction from a customer’s account when they shop. A debit card is also known as a ‘’Check card’’ or ‘’Bankcard’’. When it was introduced, it was seen as the first step towards shifting to the culture of plastic currency.

Now let’s see the steps following which you can cancel a money transfer to Gambia or another country of direct debit through a mobile banking app.

  • Log in to the mobile banking app you have installed on your phone already;
  • Select the account against which you had set up the direct debit;
  • Select the section saying ‘’direct debits’’;
  • Select the direct debit you want to cancel. Details of the transaction and the option to cancel it will appear on your screen;
  • Hit cancel. And the transfer is cancelled.

This is how you can cancel an online money transfer to Gambia on your debit card. Here’s how you can cancel your debit card in case if it gets damaged, lost, or stolen.

Freezing a debit card:- On realizing that your card is in some unsafe hands, you are required to reach your banks or call the helpline to request for freezing it. But, with the advent of mobile apps you can follow the following simple steps to freeze your debit card, and once frozen, it is no use for others unless you unfreeze it. Here are the steps to freeze your card.

  • Log in to the app;
  • Go to the menu;
  • Select manage cards;
  • Select the lost or stolen card;
  • Hit ‘’freeze card’’.

Your card is now frozen and cannot be used by anyone. But as soon as you find it you will have to follow the same steps to unfreeze it and once you unfreeze it you can use it again like before.

Report a card:- By reporting a debit card through your mobile app, you will have it cancelled. After you report it, you cannot use it again. Your concerned bank will send you a new one. Following are the steps you can follow to report a debit card.

  • Log in to your app;
  • Go to the menu;
  • Select ‘’Manage cards’’;
  • Select the lost or stolen or damaged card;
  • Select report as stolen or lost.

Your debit card is now cancelled. Bear in mind that the time in the UK to do this is up to 8:20 P.M which is relatively late. The UK government has set this time to facilitate the customers in case they come across any such incidence.

Conclusion:- From all of the above, we can safely say that the process of cancelling a debit payment or a card in England is relatively easy and depends on just a few clicks. This ease and convenience are created by the advent of technology, just like you send money to Gambia online; otherwise, a physical visitation to a bank for the same purpose was a must in the olden days.