How to Choose a Trustworthy Partner to Send Money to Nigeria?

Are you worried about the problems which you face while you send money to Nigeria? And you are looking for a reliable solution to these problems?

Then you are in the right place. After reading this article, you will be surprised that all your problems regarding money transfer will be solved.

What Problems do Customers Face in Conventional methods?

In early years people usually send their hard-earned money to their homeland through conventional methods. People kept on

  • Paying heavy transfer fees
  • Wait for delayed processes.
  • Have insecurities about money safety

There was no solution to these problems, but then a method known as Online Money Transfer was introduced.

How Online Money Transfer Help to Solve Money Related Problems?

Online money transfer is the new way to send money, replacing the old fashioned technology of wire money transfer. It is a mash-up of wire money transfer and electronic fund transfer, thus working on the principle of transfer of data instead of paper money.

Transferring money from abroad to your family is not an issue anymore most of the people are using this service effectively for this cause.

Do ACE Money Transfer is The Best Partner to Send Money Online?

Sending money to Nigeria is now not an issue for Nigerians working abroad. Online money transfer service is more convenient and reliable than any other method for money transfer.

ACE Money Transfer is an online transfer service that was introduced in 2003, and it has been working for the last 17 years. ACE has almost 278 thousand cash pick up locations in the world.

It provides you with multiple currency exchange options and also helps you to avoid the problem of exchange of currency before sending your money.

ACE provides the best services to its customers by taking the minimal amount from them. The number of people that are now shifting to ACE is increasing day by day, and almost 1 million-plus people are the happy customers of this service. 

How ACE Provides you with the Easiest Method for Online Transaction?

You can send money to Nigeria using ACE online money transfer service and put yourself and your family at liberty, all you have to it is to follow the instruction given below one by one:

  • First, you have to download the mobile application of ACE, or can get yourself registered through the website of ACE Money Transfer Company.
  • Now you must verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to you through your email.
  • Enter the amount of money that you want to transfer.
  • Now you have provided the recipient’s name, address, and phone number.
  • ACE provides multiple cash pickup locations; select the one most suitable for you.

Both you and the recipient will receive a notification that will inform you about the update of your transferred money within few minutes. In case of any problem, you can connect to ACE for any help as they provide 24/7 customer help service.


Nigerians working abroad have always been facing problems while sending money to Nigeria, but with the help of online money transfer services, all your problems are solved.

Among the online money transfer services ACE is providing you with all the facilities, you need at one platform. You can send money to your loved ones in a minimum time span and with very fewer transfer fees.