How to get excellent exchange rates while sending money to Nepal?

Sending money around the world using the best kind of services is what everyone wants to have. You may also want to get ideal exchange rates and the best kinds of services to send money to Nepal. For this, we will list down some of the best ways to send money to Nepal through ideal cash transfer services.


Online money transfer mostly offers the strongest exchange rates and the lowest fees on money transfers to Nepal. A few offer cash pickups in as small as a few minutes while the others transfer to bank accounts.

Digital money transfers services

Companies that include Remitly and ACE Money Transfer in foreign currencies make them cost-effective methods for online money transfer to Nepal from abroad. Most offer the transfers directly to your recipient’s bank accounts in the recipient’s country, mostly as small as a day or two.

Digital money transfer services are cheaper as they exist online and do not have as many employees or any physical location to spend their money on.


Cash transfers

Services that include Western Union and Ria let you send money for pick up on local branches in receiving country, mostly in 15 minutes. While it is a fast way to send money, you will pay for the feasibility in weak exchange rates and higher fees. Picking up cash is a lot more expensive as more people are now involved.



Your bank might offer Nepalese Rupee, but you must be aware of the high fees and also wide margins on the exchange rate. Compare bank transfers to digital services and all other options before the money transfer to Nepal. This is because the banks offer money transfers as a secondary service; hence you don’t need to offer competitive prices.


How to get the most out of money transfers to Nepal?

Weigh costs and fees against convinces to compare the best money transfer providers that will send money to Nepal.


You have to consider the following while doing so

The USD-Rs relationship fluctuates, hence using a service that allows you to lock in the exchange rate. It might be cheaper to pay a flat fee to secure a strong USD-Rs exchange rate when you send money to Nepal online in large amounts.


– Transfer Fee: Transferring money around the globe always needs fees, but they may be hidden in the exchange rate. When sending huge amounts, it might be cheaper to pay a flat fee.


– Transfer Limits: How much you may send varies by the company, and different amounts may attract higher or lower fees. Shop around and get the best deal on the number of Nepalese Rupees you are sending to Nepal.


Turnaround Transferring money using the local bank may take a business a week or longer if you require the funds to be delivered quickly. See the digital specialist that offers instant transfers to your recipient’s country.


– Sending Limits: Comparing prices for one huge transfer instead of so many small transfers are mostly easier. Hence picking the service you use may be based on how much you are sending is a valid way to save money.


These are a few ways you can save money on sending money through online money transfer methods. You may pick to go for any company that you choose or think of letting it be your best way to send your money around the globe.


Which of these services do you think work well in making anything the best way to send money around the globe?