How to Get High Exchange Rates and Send Money Through Credit Cards?

Do you know currency difference is one of the reasons why many Senegalese send money to Senegal from abroad?

Nowadays, a considerable amount of people is working in different desired countries instead of their homelands. Most of us have their families in other countries. They need a fast transaction of money for doing business dealings and for their family remittance. Usually, people are not aware of the usual ways that are sending money internationally. They know that only bank transfer can send their money. Banks are specialists in transaction speed because banks are online, sending money over the internet lines. Banks are minor expensive and offer reduced currency exchange rates that are above the market rate. Banks charge fluctuation fees on transactions of money that are high from the competition. Credit card transfer is good in currency exchange. You can use credit card transfer for sending money to other countries. This article is teaching you about credit cards and steps for money transfer to Senegal through credit cards.

There are few steps to transfer money to Senegal via credit cards. To make a credit card transfer, you are following these given steps:

Do You Know Information About Credit Card Transfer?

First of all, you should be taking information about the credit card transfer. The process of sending money by your credit card to another credit card issued by another company internationally is called credit card transfer. Credit card transfer is an advanced method to send money to Senegal online or other places wherever you need. Most people do not know about this method. This method is minor similar to the bank transfer.

What is the Duration of Transaction?

A credit card transfer commonly takes about five to seven days to complete a successful transaction. But some card providers ask customers to allow up to 12 or even 20 days to complete the money transaction. The transfer fee is to maximize or minimize when you transfer the balance from your card to another credit card issued by another provider.

What is the Transfer Fee of the Transaction?

The third step is to check the money transfer fee of a complete transaction. Regular prices of credit card transfer are 5% or 3% on your total amount of money. And the price is also depending on the total amount of transfer.

How to Consider Different Things and Start a Transaction?

There are the following things that are considered to make the credit card online money transfer to Senegal.

  • What is a total balance transfer on a credit card to another credit card?
  • How credit card transfer affects your account?
  • What is the best credit card to have the best ranges?
  • Can you transfer money more than your credit limit or transfer range?
  • Maximum money you can transfer by credit card transfer in one transaction.


For sending money online, you can also consider the ACE Money Transfer. They have convenient websites and mobile applications. You can send your money by using their money services. They provide you trusted way to transfer money to Senegal.