How to Get Instant Online Money Transfer to Nigeria?

Overseas people need to send money online to their families at the right time. So, the Nigerian ex-pats also want to send money to Nigeria to their loved ones instantly. How can you do that? Let us see!

Money Transfer to Nigeria

Many ex-pats from underdeveloped are living in developed countries. They are living abroad for the sake of good jobs and better earning. And work harder in a foreign land to make a handsome amount because these people have to send money globally back home to their families.
Similarly, overseas Nigerians diligently work in other nations like the UK, UAE, and others. So, they need to send money to Nigeria from the UK and other countries. These ex-pats need to send money to Nigeria frequently on a weekly or monthly basis. Nigerians are considered among the top remittance senders.
So, they need online money transfer that is inexpensive as well as safe and instant. How can it be possible for a Nigerian to send money to Nigeria online with all these privileges? Let us have the answer to make such money transfer to Nigeria online.

Money Transfer Company

Overseas Nigerians can make a money transfer to Nigeria through a money transfer company. There are many foreign money transfer organizations (IMTO’s) that help the ex-pats to send money globally. You can now easily send money online through the money transfer services of these organizations.
There are so many benefits of making an online money transfer through such companies. You should choose a reputed company like ACE money transfer to send money to Nigeria from the UK, UAE, European nations, or the USA, etc. So, you can avail of all the benefits of your money transfer to Nigeria.

Instant Cash Transfer and Withdrawal

The first and most important benefit is the answer to our title. That you can use the money transfer services of the IMTO’s to send an instant money transfer to Nigeria online.
And the receiver could get it instantly from the cash payout points. The first step is to make a money transfer to Nigeria using the money transfer app or website or through the agent or office of it.
You would only need the amount and some of the information to send money to Nigeria online. After the transaction is done, the money is instantly available for the recipient to receive. And the receiver could go to the nearest cash payout point to collect the amount in cash.

Cash Payout Points

There are different cash payout points of a particular money transfer company in the recipient’s country. You should choose a company that has a vast network of payout points in Nigeria. It will make the payout point location in reach of the receiver to quickly receive the money.
You can check the nearest point location through the website or online money transfer app. The nearer the cash pickup point from the receiver would be, the more comfortable and safer it is to receive the cash. So, choose the company and the cash pickup location wisely.


The reliability of the money transfer company is an essential factor to assure. You should choose a well-known and reputed name to send money to Nigeria so that the money you send is safe and secure. This route of money transfer is safe and secure.
There are many reputed money transfer companies like ACE Money transfer.
You can now send money to Nigeria without worrying about its safety. The funds can also be tracked from the website and online money transfer app of the company. You need to enter the tracking ID given by the company and check the status of your money until its withdrawal.


The money transfer through this route is very budget-friendly. You can send money to Nigeria through this inexpensive channel. The fees of money transfer are meagre, and it makes the money transfer affordable for the ex-pats. The exchange rate offers of these organizations are also the best, so you get the best value of your money.

Choose ACE Money Transfer to Get The Best Money Transfer Services

The ACE money transfer makes your money transfer to Nigeria the best. It sends money to Nigeria at least fee charges. And it instantly makes money available for the recipient to receive. Your money is safe and secure. And the cash payout points make it easier for the receiver to collect the amount.
ACE Money transfer app is also available. You can make online money transfer at your home or office anytime through the ACE Money transfer app. The online money transfer app provides all the services available on your mobile screen.
So now you know how you can make an instant, safe, cost-efficient money transfer to Nigeria.