How to get the best INR rate while sending money from the UK?

                Did you ever think about how to send money to India? In this article, we will try to understand the ways and methods to get the best INR rate while sending money from the United Kingdom.

Imagine you hail from India and are leading an expatriate life in the UK. The first thing you will try to ensure after settling down in foreign land is to save and send back home as much as you possibly can.

In your efforts to save and send, you will have to consider many factors which we will discuss below. Because it is maybe easy for you to reach any bank or any online money transfer company for transferring funds randomly. But, it will cost you dearly if you ignored the following few factors since these determine the best INR rates for sending money from the UK.

Let’s now see the factors, ignoring which you may end up being duped.

Low fee:- First of all, you must search for companies which offer low fees and service charges for money transfers to India and other countries. Another factor of importance even after approaching such a company is to check whether the said company charges low fee-only or are there any hidden charges to fleece the less-informed customers with. This means that there are many companies which will charge you a meager amount as service charges, apparently, but deep inside they will extract additional amounts from you under one pretext or reason or another as transaction proceeds. This happens usually when you are less-informed and approach companies randomly. ACE is one of the few companies that offers the lowest possible fee as service charges. And not only that, but ACE also counsels you as you approach our teams of expert and dedicated professionals. This leads us to another factor which is comparison.

Comparison:- Another extremely important factor is drawing comparisons between two or more money transfer companies. People normally tend to forget that such comparisons no longer require physical visitations to the offices of different companies, particularly in this age of technology. All you are required to do is to just search the concerned companies on the internet with specific emphasis on public reviews before you send money to India online. This exercise you can do from the middle of your comfort zone conveniently. And once done, you will be well informed to make a better decision.

Exchange rates:- Currency exchange rates are another important factor. There are many renowned companies which earn two-way profits; one, by charging service fees, and two, by keeping a margin for profit in currency exchange rates.

Exchange rates can be tricky as they fluctuate in short intervals. And between two intervals, a company can charge you more if you are not aware of the rates and have not done your homework properly. ACE is one of the few companies which offer the best exchange rates and that too, without keeping any profit margin. Transferring funds through ACE will be your best option in terms of low fees, and best exchange rates because you can add money thus saved into the principal amount before sending it home.

Conclusion:- How you can get the best INR rates for online money transfer to India from the UK is not a trick involving lots of techniques to learn and then apply. Rather, it is a set of simple steps following which you can easily get what you want while leading an expatriate life in the United Kingdom.