How to Get Your Family Out of Poverty With Smart Money Transfer Services?

Money transfer is no more a hassle — You may have an idea about it! Like many other Senegalese working in the UK, my major responsibility is to take care of my family. At the end of every month, I send money to Senegal to bear their expenses. I tried many companies in the past — few of them had a reasonable exchange rate, and few of them were fast.

Being a Senegali and a humble person, I always do my level best to deliver my best. Working in a shop, my major responsibility is to be polite and efficient all the time. After all, this is the key to success. I want to remain a productive member of my family. Senegal is a country that has a lot of potentials, but due to low job opportunities, many of us move to developing countries.

How I Overcome My Hassle of Finding a Reliable Money Transfer Company?

The major problem that I faced was getting both benefits at the same time. After a lot of hassle, I found two companies that are good enough for online money transfer to Senegal. All I got is through online research — Because this is how I can connect to many money transfer companies.

If you are facing some problems regarding money transfer companies, open Google or any other search engine, write money transfer company near me or money transfer service near me. You can search in many ways — Everything is dependent on your needs.

Can Sending Money Online Means You Must Choose High Exchange Rates and Low Fee?

When I send money to Senegal online, my prime priority is always a company that is offering low or no fee. Aside from this, a higher exchange rate is my choice. After all, if the exchange rate will be higher the more, I will be able to send money in the local Senegalese currency.

How I Found ACE Money Transfer in October 2018?

Back in 2013, when I first moved to the UK, I tried to find money transfer companies that suit me. People around me gave me different names — All were secure by the way. Almost I tried every company. Some were offering reasonable exchange rates, and some were good in money transfers. At times, I had to send the money urgently, so I even compromised on the low exchange rates.

In October 2018, a friend of mine Chris told me to consider ACE Money Transfer. The exchange rate was reasonable, but my concern was whether this company is good enough and can be trusted? Chris answer was a big YES. Anyway, I trusted him and ACE for money transfer to Senegal with the hope of transferring a significant amount in Senegalese currency. That was a wonderful experience! They are excellent in terms of exchange rates and fee. Customer service is also friendly, like other reliable companies.

It seems they are also giving benefits. Previously, they were awarding iPhone to lucky winners through a draw. I never won that, but I am satisfied with their services.